Cost to Feed a Horse: A Complete Guide to Feeding Your Horse

Since horses are grazing animals, they are designed to eat all throughout the day. Having access to grass or hay is important to a healthy diet. This post includes some of the best slow feeders for horses to keep them happy and healthy.


How to Choose Slow Feeders for Horses, What You Have to Consider

Slow feeders are available in different sizes, including ones that hold a few flakes, a square bale or a round bale.

What are the Advantages/Benefits of Slow Feeders?

 Slow feeders allow horses to eat at a healthy pace, slower than a hay net or loose hay, as the holes in a slow feeder typically 1 ½-2 inches. 

Things to Look for/Attributes that Differentiate Slow Feeders

Most commonly slow feeders are nets similar to hay nets, but with smaller holes. However, slow feeders are also available in hard forms, such as a barrel, tub, or box. 

Prerequisites to Using a Slow Feeder

If hanging it in a horse’s stall, make sure you have a sturdy place to hang it that can hold the weight of the slow feeder.

Top Five Best Slow Feeders for Horses

1. Derby Originals Supreme Patented Four-Sided Slow Feed Horse Hay Bag. 2. Weaver Leather Slow Feed Hay Net. 3. Slow Feed Hay Bag with Newly Designed Super Tough Bottom by Derby Originals

Prerequisites to Using a Slow Feeder

4. Shires Greedy Feeder Hay Net. 5. Partrade Trading Corporation Ultra Slow Feeder Hay Net.

All of these slow feeders are great at helping horses slow down their eating and maintain a healthy digestive system while minimizing waste. Using a slow feeder can be very beneficial to horses, as it is important they have access to hay throughout the day.


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