Can Humans Get Equine Infectious Anemia?

We all want to keep our horses in perfect health and that often involves a lot of hands-on, close-contact work. Rabies and ringworm are two diseases that might be on your radar, but have you ever wondered what other diseases you could get ...


What is Equine Infectious Anemia?

Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA), aka Swamp Fever, is a disease you may have heard your veterinarian mention during routine shots...

How Does Equine Infectious Anemia Spread?

 When a fly bites an infected horse, the virus hitches a ride on the fly’s mouthparts to its next victim.

There are three different stages: acute, chronic, and unapparent.

What Are the Signs My Horse has EIA?

How Can I Prevent EIA?

There is no vaccine, so the only way to prevent EIA is to keep your horse away from carriers (horse flies, deer flies, or other infected horses).

So Can Humans Get Equine Infectious Anemia?

It turns out that lentiviruses are very specific to the species it infects. These viruses need a special receptor that is only found on equine cells and therefore cannot infect human cells.


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