Horse Jumping Lessons For Beginners

Starting horse jumping lessons for beginners is an exciting stage for any novice horse rider. We all dream of effortlessly popping over fences on horseback!


How Long Does It Take To Learn Horse Jumping?

Every rider is different, and some might learn to jump quite quickly, while others need a bit longer to learn to jump a horse for the first time. It ...

How Hard Is Learning To Jump A Horse?

Learning to jump a horse is one of the hardest aspects of horse riding, but the more you prepare for taking this step the easier it will be.

Yes, beginner horse riding lessons are pretty much essential when learning to jump!

How Hard Is Learning To Jump A Horse?

How To Jump A Horse For The First Time

Follow these steps during your beginner horse riding lessons when learning to jump a horse for the first time. It is important to master one step before ...


Yes, I know we are talking about jumping, but how you approach and ride away from a jump is very important. A reputable instructor will not suggest that you start learning to jump a horse ...

Your First Jump!

Finally, the moment is here – your first jump! Now, you may have done all the preparation but don’t be disappointed if it feels uncomfortable at first. It can take several tries ...

The key to success when learning how to jump a horse for the first time is to take it slowly! Make sure that you’ve got the basics mastered before moving onto the next stage.


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