Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

It seems like there are very few horse breeds that originated in North America, but one of the most famous of these is the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse! As its name suggests, the this Saddle Horse originated in Kentucky and has made its home in North America ever since.


The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse is a relatively new breed, and its history is a little bit easier to trace than some of the older European breeds. Allegedly, it was a breed of wild horses that lived in the hills and mountains of Kentucky for centuries before it was domesticated.

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, Characteristics

So what’s so special about this Saddle Horse?  Aside from other things, the breed is known for being a popular and unique flaxen liver chestnut or silver bay color, it is known for its comfortable and natural four-beat gait ...


This Saddle Horse can come in many solid horse colors, including bay, palomino, gray, perlino, cremello, white, chestnut, roan, black, champagne, dun, grullo, brown, and buckskin.


Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses can come in a variety of sizes, typically ranging from 11-16 hands. So, they don't get huge, and they can be very small, even pony-sized. Because of this, there are two different classifications in this Saddle Horse Size.


Kentucky Mountain Saddle. Horses are gentle and smart enough to take care of people who may not be horse experts. They are popular family horses and popular first horses for many beginner adults.

Popular Disciplines

Another reason why the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse is popular as a family mount is because of its comfortable four-beat gait. The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse is capable of all normal horse gaits (the walk, the trot, the canter, and the gallop), ...

Kentucky Mountain Horse V. Rocky Mountain Horse

The Kentucky Mountain Horse is often confused with its relative, the Rocky Mountain Horse. The two breeds are extremely similar, and that is because Rocky Mountain Horses come from Kentucky Mountain Horses.

The Kentucky Mountain Horse is an all-around good citizen.  It is a gentle breed good for children, pleasure riders, and beginners.  They are gentle, comfortable to ride, and sturdy on their feet.


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