What Can Horses Eat? A List Of Favorite Horse Treats!

We all love to give our horses some delicious treats every now and again, but how do you know which ones are safe for them to eat? Let’s take a look, at our list of what horses can eat!


What Do Horses Eat?

The digestive system of a horse is highly specialized to enable them to consume certain types of food. 

A-List Of What Horses Can Not Eat

As we’ve already figured out, horses are herbivores and should not eat meat or dairy products.

Can Horses Eat Fruit?

Most people know that horses love to eat apples, and this is one of their favorite snacks! However, many other types of fruit can be fed as a treat for horses. 

Can Horses Eat Peaches?

Many horses love eating peaches, and these juicy fruits are a healthy and refreshing snack! Peaches contain high levels of sugar, so do not feed more than one peach per day.

Do Horses Eat Bananas?

Most horse owners will not realize it, but many horses love to eat bananas! And the whole banana is safe for horses to eat, even the skin!

Can Horses Eat Cherries?

Most horses will enjoy eating cherries, but the stones must be removed first. This can be a time-consuming task, but your horse will appreciate your efforts!

Can Horses Eat Raisins?

Most horses will enjoy eating raisins, and they can be fed to horses without any prior preparation. 

What Other Foods Do Horses Like To Eat?

– Carrot – Celery – Cucumber – Green bean – Melon & Watermelon – Orange ...

So, as we have learned, there is a long list of food that horses can eat! They especially enjoy different types of fruit such as peaches and bananas. 


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