What Is A Lame Horse?

Horses are wonderful athletic animals, but unfortunately, many things can go wrong with them! You will hear people talk about lame horses, but what is a lame horse?


What Does It Mean To Be A Lame Horse?

Lameness is the name used for when a horse is limping, or there is an abnormal change in its gait. This is normally in response to an injury, or . . .

What Are The Signs Of A Lame Horse?

Abnormal gait - The length of the stride might be shortened when the affected leg hits the ground.

What Are The Signs Of A Lame Horse?

Difficulty weight bearing - is stood still, he may hold the affected foot or leg slightly off the floor, to avoid bearing weight.

What Are The Signs Of A Lame Horse?

Swelling or injury - You might notice that a lame horse has painful or swollen areas on his legs.

How Do Horses Become Lame?

The lameness might be due to an injury that has strained or sprained a muscle, tendon, or ligament. 

How Is Lameness In Horses Diagnosed?

If you suspect that your horse is lame, there are several actions you should immediately take. Firstly, stop whatever activity your horse is doing and make sure he stands still.

Can A Lame Horse Be Cured?

Whether a lame horse can be cured depends entirely on the source of the problem. If it is just a minor cut to the skin, the lameness should disappear when this heals. 

So, as we have learned, when a horse is lame this means that it is limping or has an abnormal gait. Lameness in horses can be because of injury, degenerative changes, or mechanical problems. Ongoing lameness will need to be investigated by your veterinarian to find the cause.


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