What Kind Of Hay Is Best For Horses?

Even if there aren’t multiple varieties growing in your region, some larger feed stores import huge quantities of non-local hays. Sometimes it’s not necessarily what kind of hay is “best” for horses, but what your specific horses will benefit from.


Nutritional Needs

horses are automatically limited in grazing/forage options since we put them behind fences! In the wild, a horse will travel upwards of 20 miles per day just to meet minimum food and water intake requirements.

Types of Hay

horses can and do eat legume hays, grass hays, and grain hays. Legume hays have high fiber and high protein but can heat up horses. Most people feed alfalfa supplementally, but also for horses prone to ulcers.

What to Compare to Find What Kind of Hay is Best for Horses

- Crude protein - Crude Fiber - NSC - Availability - Price

Buying Hay

We recommend speaking to your local agriculture extension agency to learn more about your regional hays, problems, and nutritional deficiencies.

Although most horse owners prefer higher quality grass hays as a staple, many supplementally feed other varieties. Alfalfa is a frequent “topper” or “add-on” hay for many horses’ diets. When purchasing hay, keep your individual horse’s needs in mind. 


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