13 Horse Themed Gifts For Tweens

Last Updated on March 15, 2022

Looking for Horse-Themed Gifts For Tweens? Finding that present for you young teens is a bit of a minefield, but if the teen is horse mad, well, getting horse-themed gifts for tweens is a whole lot easier. Trends among tweens move quickly, but for those with a particular passion, such as horses, it helps gift buying greatly. Any tween that loves horses will no doubt enjoy a present with a horse theme.

If your tween is your daughter, niece, or granddaughter, we know that she will love one of the products we’ve highlighted on our list. All of the items we show you below suit a variety of occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, middle school graduation, and other special occasions.

We know you want to find the right present for that special tween, and understand how hard this is. All the items here are reasonably priced, as we understand the pressures of sometimes buying multiple gifts for friends and family. 

13 Horse Themed Gifts For Tweens

We hope you enjoy the horse gifts for tweens options outlined here.

1. Chala Crossbody Cell Phone Purse

Cell phones are part of life, the majority of people have one, and they are incredibly popular with tweens and teens. A recent survey finds that 53 percent of American children have a cell phone by age 11 and 83 percent of all teens have one. One problem kids this age have is preventing damage to their phones.

The Chala Crossbody Cell Phone Purse combines two things any horse made tween loves, horses and their cell phone. This purse is super cute, easy to carry, and not too big. It is grown-up enough looking to avoid your tween feeling like it’s for little kids.

This purse comes in a variety of designs. For a horsey tween, you want the Safari Horse Brown. It has a strap so they can wear it as a crossbody purse. The main body is canvas with leather trim and a body strap.

The front of the bag is decorated with a leather horse that has a turquoise mane. The back of the bag has a dark brown print of a horse. The bag fits most cell phones, including the iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and the Samsung S7.

It also has room for your tween to carry their headphones, keys, cards, and money.

2. 3D Horse Print Throw Blanket

The 3D Horse Print Throw Blanket is a plush fleece with a horse print on one side. It is perfect for curling up on the couch to watch a movie, such as Secretariat on Disney+, the perfect movie for any horse lover. The blanket is a Queen size, so it’s great for putting on a bed as well.

The blanket is durable and doesn’t shrink in the wash. 

Secretariat is one of horse racing’s legends. Here is the trailer for the movie created about his life. It is perfect for watching snuggled up in this fleece blanket.

3. Comical Shirt Ladies Horse Heartbeat Horse Lover Graphic Tee Hoodie Shirt

We love this shirt because it works for all seasons. It is made with tee shirt material, so it is light enough for most temperatures. The front has a simple print of a galloping horse.

There are no cheesy slogans on this top, which might make your tween cringe. It comes in four colors, pink, grey, black, and navy. Sizes start at extra small, so you won’t have trouble finding something to fit a tween.

Horse Themed Gifts For Tweens - Shirt

4. Horse Writing Journal by SohoSpark

Journaling is an excellent educational and mental health tool for tweens and teens. It is a safe place where they can work out their thoughts. Your tween can use this journal for a variety of things, such as taking notes for school, or as a way to write down feelings, they might not feel comfortable expressing.

This journal has a realistic faux leather cover with a debossed horse on the front. The pages are refillable, which is a great feature, as so many journals aren’t.

5, Lazy One Fuzzy Feet Slippers

The Lazy Fuzzy Feet Slippers are a great horse-themed gift for tweens on their own, or you can combine these with the fleece blanket already mentioned. These pink slippers are decorated with horses in pajamas, yes pajamas, for a little bit of fun! The inside is a pretty turquoise fleece, and the soles have non-slip grips.

However, these slippers are for wearing inside only. They have a good range of sizes for feet of all sizes.

6. Girls Horse Necklace

The beautiful stainless steel necklace features a galloping horse. You can add a special touch to this pendant by adding an initial for your tween. It has a lobster clasp, which is easy to open and close, yet still secure.

The box that the necklace comes in says ‘All horses deserve to be loved by a sweet girl’.

Horse Themed Gifts For Tweens - Necklace

7. Miss Lulu Horse Canvas Lightweight Backpack

Whether it’s for school or sleepovers, your tween needs a cute bag to carry all their stuff. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable. The durable canvas fabric comes in grey, navy, and sky blue with black or white horses on it.

8. Dream Horse Adventures

Dream Horse Adventures is a book series for tween-age children. There are four books in the series, starting with Mary’s Song. The story follows Mary, a disabled 12-year-old who loves horses and her quest to help a foal.

The book has no bad language and follows many life lessons, some hard. But it shows the power of determination, friendship, and love. For tween readers, this is a book they will love.

Reading is a great way for tweens to expand their vocabulary and learn about the different kinds of people living in the world. It helps tweens learn that life’s challenges have a way to navigate them.

9. 3D Horse Lamp, Optical Illusion Night Light

This lamp is super cool and is certain to be a hit with a horse-loving tween. When on the lamp illuminates a horse with LED lights that give off a soft light that will not harm children’s eyes. You can fix it to one of the seven color options, or have it set to gently rotate through them all.

Horse Themed Gifts For Tweens - Lamp

10. Hot Focus Dashing Horse Oval Shaped Musical Jewelry Box

Tweens love trinkets and cute jewelry. This is the perfect horse-themed present if your tween is horse mad. When you wind it up, instead of a ballerina, like traditional musical jewelry boxes, a horse spins around.

This box is a decent size, and the design is suitable for children of tween age. If you want to combine this with another gift, stick the horse’s initial necklace mentioned above inside the box as an extra surprise.

11. ZOEO Pony Twin Bedding Set

We love this pretty bedding set for a tween. It is a three-piece set containing two pillowcases and a duvet cover. The fabric is super soft crystal velvet and cotton.

It is a pretty minty color with a horse on the front. The backside of the duvet cover is grey. 

12. Infinity Collection Horse Charm Bracelet

This is a multi-layer bracelet, which not only looks cool, it is fun and features horses. It has a horse head charm and spells out ‘horses’. The bracelet is five layers with alternating teal and silver bands.

The bracelet is adjustable, so it is a good option for tween wrist sizes. You can usually count on jewelry as successful horse-themed gifts for tweens.

Horse Themed Gifts For Tweens - Bracelet

13. TuffRider Basic All Purpose Saddle Pad

If your tween has her own horse or pony, this is a good option. This saddle pad comes in lots of fun colors, including blue, hot pink, light blue, light pink, purple, and lilac. Our suggestion with this gift is to personalize it.

Pick out the color you think your tween will like the best. When you get the saddle pad, take it for embroidery. You have a lot of freedom here. You can embroider your tween’s name or initials, or you can even put their horse’s name on it.

If you’re not sure where on the pad this goes here’s a tip. The embroidery goes in the bottom left corner if you do one side. If you do both sides, it goes in the bottom corner on both sides.

This is so you can see the embroidery when the saddle is on the pad.

Gifts For Kids Who Love Horses Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our horse-themed gifts for young horse riders. We tried to include a variety of products to give you a broad choice. When gift shopping, it is important to find something the receiver will love and enjoy, but without hurting your bank balance too much.

If we missed something or you have a favorite from our list please let us know in the comments. If you know someone struggling to find a horsey gift for a tween, please share this with them.

What to get girls that like horses?

If you are buying a gift for someone who loves horses, there are many great options. In fact, the hardest part may be deciding which one to get. So here are our favourite horse-loving gifts for girls: you can find nice jewellery with horse theme for example a nice pair of earrings, necklaces,and bracelets;  backpack with horses design, a horses encyclopedia, a plush play horse, horse printed blanket, puzzles, horse colouring books, horse stickers, horse wallpaper, horse clothes, and many other. If you want to give a horse gift, the best thing is to go to the horse farm and buy the real horse. 

What should I ask for for Christmas equestrian?

If you’re not a horse lover, it can be difficult to find products that the equestrian in your life would really appreciate. But don’t worry! Here you have some ideas of different products that you should consider for your equestrian friend or family member:a nice belt, a new saddle or a saddle pad (saddle pads seem to be an addiction for equestrians), boot socks, a kit of horse brushes, care and cleaning kit, horse treats, a horse harness, new boots, a pair of gloves, a horses encyclopedia,  a horse print blanket, etc. 

What should I get my horse for Christmas?

It’s not unusual, bizarre or even uncommon to include pets in our annual celebrations. We do love our pets, so they are definitely a part of our family. They can be included in events just like any other family member. It’s not unusual, bizarre or even uncommon to include pets in our annual celebrations. We do love our pets, so they are definitely a part of our family. They can be included in events just like any other family member.  We hope that our horses feel the same way! Some suggestions we are sure your horse will love: Sheepskin Girth Cover, Prepackaged Treats, Fruits & Vegetables Salad, a Massage, New Grooming Equipment, Carrot Cookies or Cake, Horse Toys, Salt Lick, Holidays!

How do you spoil a horse?

Although horse owners will need to watch the horses closely to ensure that they do not overeat, a well-fed horse is a happy horse. Horses can be fed a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, including vegetables such as parsnips, carrots and sprouts. Adding these to their existing feed can give them a festive flair while still giving them the nutrition they need. In addition to feeding the horse, the horse owner should also make sure that the horse is kept clean. This is especially important in colder climates. The horse should be kept dry and clean in the winter. One final tip for horse owners is to ensure that the horse has plenty of fresh water. Water is important for a horse’s digestive system, and it can also help keep the horse’s coat clean.