Arabian Horse Top Speed – Is It The Fastest?

The Arabian is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world, known for its endurance, beauty, and hardiness, so what is the Arabian horse’s top speed? Let’s get to know about the Arabian, its history, and its athletic ability. It is one of the most unique and fastest horses in the world.

Arabian Horse History

The history of the Arabian horse dates back thousands of years. This history is rich, interesting, and long enough to fill a book. Since the Arabian is so old, it is not possible to precisely pinpoint its origin. However, historians agree that it is the Bedouin tribes that are responsible for the origin of the breed around 2,500 B.C.

The Bedouin took great care when breeding their horses and in caring for them like family. It is this careful selective breeding that gives us the Arabian horse. The first Arabian breeding program in the United States began in 1888.

The Arabian influences many different modern horse breeds. It is three Arabians, that are the foundation of every Thoroughbred that has ever lived. The Quarter Horse is also here due to the influence of the Arabian.

Arabian Top Horse Speed

The Arabain horse has incredible stamina and can cover great distances at a good speed. Because of this ability, it is one of the most popular breeds to use for endurance riding. The fastest record for a galloping Arabian is 40 miles per hour. 

Compared to the Thoroughbred and the Quarter Horse, the Arabian is on average slower, but it comes a close third. A study published in the Equine Veterinary Journal compared the speeds of the Arabian, Thoroughbred, and Quarter Horse over a sprinter distance. The results show that Quarter Horses continue to gain speed over this distance, while the Thoroughbred and Arabian hit their fastest speed in the middle, with a decrease in speed for the final section of the distance.

Arabian Fastest Race Horse

The Arabian is the king of endurance competitions but is it is also a popular racehorse in some regions. Arabian horse racing is not a frequent as Thoroughbred racing. The Arabian Racing Organisation of the UK was established in 1999.

Fifty races take place in the UK each year, with just a single race on the racing card of Thoroughbred race meetings. The races are split in the same way as Thoroughbreds with maidens, handicaps, and groups. Thirty-two countries hold Arabian racing. The most common region for these races is in the Gulf States.

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Unique Arabian Characteristics

Even though the Arabian looks delicate, it is actually a sturdy breed. It evolved in hard desert conditions, which give it some unique characteristics. Many centuries ago, the Arabian was a warhorse for the Bedouin tribes of the Arabian Peninsula.

These ancient horses had to trek through the desert over vast distances. The Arabian developed a large lung capacity and ability to conserve energy so it could capably do these treks. The conditions these tribes lived in saw them take great pride and care for their Arabians.

They shared their food, water, and tents with their horses. These conditions influenced the development of the Arabian’s intelligence and close connection with humans. Finally, the Arabian’s thin skin allows it to release heat from its body more quickly.

Unique Arabian Characteristics

Different Number Of Bones

The Arabian horse has fewer bones than other breeds. It has one fewer back vertebrae, one less bone in its tail, and one less rib (17 instead of 18). It is this lower rib count that aids the Arabian’s ability to comfortably cover long distances.

The Arabian is a light, hot blood horse. This bone lightness means the horse weighs less, adding to its speed and stamina abilities. The breed is also compact and leans with excellent energy conservation.

Muscles And Nostrils

Another characteristic that makes the Arabian one of the world’s fastest horses is its muscles. These muscles have a high percentage of fast-twitch fibers. Fast-twitch fibers come in two types. One type helps produce energy and maintain high speeds, while the other type helps give a horse its speed.

Arabians have nostrils. This allows the horse to breathe better, aiding its speed and stamina.

Muscles And Nostrils - Arabian Horse

Racehorse Top Speed Conclusion

While the Arabian isn’t the fastest horse breed in the world, it earns its place as one of the quickest. It is a versatile breed that takes part in a variety of equestrian disciplines. The breed has a reputation for its kind, willing temperament, as well as its special beauty. 

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