Best Calming Pastes for Horses

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Horses are known for being beautiful, strong, and powerful.  Sometimes, too powerful for us to handle. Horses are high-energy animals, and often it can be safer for everyone involved (human and equine) to have a means of toning that energy down. Is there a calming paste for horses?

Instead of resorting to questionable or harsh measures to do so, there are many natural calming pastes and supplements that can be used to help keep horses at a predictable energy level. In this article, I will be discussing the circumstances under which a calming paste may be appropriate, and which are the best calming pastes for horses. 

Calming Paste for Horses: Why Use It? 

Calming Paste for Horses: Why Use It? 

There is some crucial knowledge that all horse owners should have before making the decision to put their horse on a calming paste.  Animals are instinctually wired with either a “fight or flight” mentality. For horses, this is flight. When horses are scared or startled, their instinct is to run away from whatever is scaring them.  

Because of this, horses can be jumpy, strong, and hard to handle when they are at high energy levels.  Some horses are constantly energetic, while some horses only show high energy levels at horse shows or events. It is important to know which one of these your horse is before putting them on a calming paste.  Some horses only need to be on a calming paste while traveling, and some horses may need it every day. 

Calming Paste for Horses: Best Ulcer Pastes 

Additionally, it is important to do your research on what kind of grain your horse is on.  If your horse is on a grain high in starch, it’s possible that a change in a feed that is higher in fat could calm your horse down naturally.  Also make sure you know the ingredients of the calming paste that you’re using, in conjunction with any other supplements or pastes they may be on.

Calming pastes are intended to help you and your horse work better together, without the use of drugs.  They will make your horse less “flighty” and less likely to get scared easily. They will not work perfectly and solve every problem you may have with your horse.  But, they are meant to calm your horse to the point where you can work together to solve the other problems.

Calming Paste for Horses: Best Ulcer Pastes 

A common reason why horses will be seemingly unpredictable and sensitive is stomach ulcers.  Ulcers in horses are similar in ulcers in people and can cause horses to be in huge amounts of discomfort and pain.  Ulcers are hard to detect and diagnose in horses, and horses that have them often get mistakenly labeled as high-energy, wild, and even dangerous.  When horses with ulcers are often reacting out of pain or discomfort. Ulcers can become especially irritated in stressful situations such as travel or intense workouts regiments.

For example, when I purchased my off-the-track-thoroughbred, he had ulcers that I did not know about.  At our first horse show, he had a meltdown before entering the ring. He hadn’t shown any signs of ulcers before the show, but finally couldn’t handle the discomfort, as it increased when his stress levels increased.  Today, his ulcers have been calmed, and he gets ulcer paste every time he travels and every day he is at a horse show. The following images show some symptoms of ulcers and factors that can contribute to horses having ulcers.      


Thankfully, ulcer paste works quickly to calm a horse’s ulcers.  The results can be noticed within a few hours of using the paste.  So, if your horse does have an ulcer “meltdown,” it won’t take long to ease his discomfort.  

The most popular ulcer paste is called UlcerGard.  UlcerGard is FDA approved and is extremely popular in the equestrian world.  Dosage of the paste used will depend on the size of the horse and the situation.  It contains primarily Omeprazole, which is also used in tablet forms for humans with gastric pain. 

 UlcerGard can be purchased at nearly any Farm and Home or Tractor Supply Co., and it can also be purchased at Amazon.


Best Calming Pastes 

If your horse is high-energy and unpredictable, and ulcers have been ruled out, there are a number of natural calming pastes that can be used to keep them calm.  As mentioned, these pastes can be used daily as a supplement

There are two calming pastes that stand out among others in the equestrian world.  These include SynChill Calming Gel and MagnaGard Pre-Performance Paste. Both contain natural ingredients and will help reduce your horse’s stress levels.          

#1 SynChill is an oral paste that will dissolve upon entry to the horse’s mouth.  It helps reduce stress levels and anxiety in horses. But, it will take a few days to see the full effects of this paste.  So, if planning to use it, don’t wait until the last minute. SynChill can be purchased here.

Best Calming Pastes SynChill

#2 MagnaGard Pre-Performance Paste helps the anxious horse calm down and helps horses that have gastric discomfort (a symptom of ulcers).  This paste includes essential oils in its ingredients list and starts affecting the horse as soon as it is consumed. The only con to MagnaGard is that it can be more expensive than other calming pastes. MagnaGard Pre-Performance Paste can be purchased here.

Best Calming Pastes MagnaGard Pre-Performance Paste


Calming pastes serve to create a better working environment between you and your horse.  When horses have any easier time focusing, it is easier for us to work with them. Make sure calming pastes are the right option for your horse and do your research on the ingredients of the one you select. Calming pastes can be a great tool in horse training and horse travel.  I hope this article helped you better understand why calming pastes helpful and which ones are the best to use! Please share your experiences using calming pastes with us!


What are calming pastes for horses made from?

Calming pastes are a topical ointment that horses will lick to help calm them down. They help horses to maintain a sense of balance and reduce anxiety.
The ingredients in these pastes are typically ground herbs, essential oils, and beeswax. These ingredients can be mixed with different carrier oils for a variety of flavors.
Some calming pastes also have the addition of herbs such as valerian root or chamomile flowers. These ingredients can be used to make up for any deficiencies in the horse’s diet or environment that might be causing stress.
All horses need a balanced diet, good living conditions and exercise in order to stay healthy. Sometimes these things can be difficult to provide in the right amounts for a horse. In these cases, supplements can be given in order to make up for any deficiencies in the horse’s diet or environment that might be causing stress.

Can calming paste be harmful for a horse?

The use of calming pastes is becoming more popular in the equine industry. However, it is important to know all the facts before buying them for your horse.
Calming paste is an alternative to the sedative drugs that are sometimes used on horses, and it can also reduce stress in some horses. But it does not work for all animals, and there are some side effects that come with using calming paste.
The long-term effects of these products on their mental and physical health are still unknown. It is difficult to find research on this topic, but some studies seem to point out that these products can be harmful for their health.
Some owners have reported side effects after using this calming paste on their horses which includes itching, swelling, burning sensation and redness. Some of the possible side effects also include depression, lethargy, and anorexia. In rare cases, it can lead to seizure-like activity in the brain. There have been cases where tranquilizers were given at the same time as calming paste which led to fatalities. This is why it should never be combined with other drugs or supplements without consulting a veterinarian first.

Does magnesium calm horses down?

Some horse owners have found that magnesium can help their horses calm down. Magnesium is a mineral that is essential for many bodily functions, including regulating muscle movement and sending signals in the nervous system. It also helps regulate sleep patterns and blood pressure levels.
There is little research on this topic but it is believed that magnesium helps calm horses because it influences neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for controlling anxiety levels. The hypothesis was tested by giving a group of horses magnesium supplements and another group none. The results show a significant difference in heart rate, respiratory rate, and behavioral scores between the two groups. The study concluded that this is because magnesium helps in regulating the nervous system and modulates anxiety.

How else can you de-stress a horse?

Horses are prey animals, which means that they are constantly on the lookout for danger. They are also sensitive to an array of stressors that might not be as evident to us. Restlessness, fear, and anxiety can be caused by different things like injury, thunderstorms, or unfamiliar surroundings, as well as prolonged periods of time spent in stables, lack of opportunity for exercise, feeling too hot or cold, or even boredom. Stress can lead to decreased performance for a horse on the field or on the track; it can also cause them to act out in ways that are unsafe for themselves or others.
There is no one foolproof solution to helping your horse manage stress but there are some steps you can take to help them feel more at ease. You will need to make sure they have a stable routine with adequate amounts of physical activity, appropriate dietary intake and supplements with herbs or other natural remedies that may help them relax.