Best Horse Feed Brands on the Market

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In this article, I will discuss and compare the options and benefits that come with choosing Triple Crown, Nutrena, or Tribute, the best horse feed brands on the market. I will do this by comparing grain lines between the companies and discussing the companies’ presence in the equestrian community.

Everyone has an opinion about what horse feed is best.  But, all companies and brands are subject to the test of time, and there are three that have withstood that test.  These are Triple Crown, Nutrena, and Tribute; brands that nearly all horse owners are familiar with. All three companies offer large varieties of grains for different horses’ needs.  Each type of grain is manufactured with careful attention to detail and dedication to natural ingredients.


Best Horse Feed Brands, Triple Crown            

Triple Crown Offers nine different types of grain and seven different kinds of forage.  They also have their own supplement line. Triple Crown’s grain variations include a specialized grain for senior horses, ponies and miniature horses, yearlings and stallions, easy-keepers, horses accustomed to living outside, and more. 

The natural ingredients in each grain match what horses that fall into these categories are likely to need in their diets.  For example, their “Senior” grain includes high fat and beet pulp, both of which are used to maintain or increase a horse’s weight.  Its description details that it can be used on older horses that drop weight easily, or horses that come from an unknown background or a rescue that might need to increase their weight.  Because of its ingredients, Triple Crown Senior is also good for horses with gastric ulcers. A list of ingredients in “Senior” is shown here.


Another notable grain Triple Crown produces is their grain for weanlings, broodmares, and stallions, called “Growth.” As the name suggests, this grain provides younger horses and mares carrying foals with the nutrients they need to grow.  Triple Crown makes their product line simple and easy to understand while providing their customers with superior quality in their feeds.  

Triple Crown is very active in the equestrian community. They have an extensive list of top sponsored riders including Hawley Bennett and Phillip Dutton (photographed below). Alson they have an impressive number of partnerships, including being the “Offical Feed Sponsor” for the US eventing, dressage, and show jumping teams. They are also partnered with the National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA) and the United States Pony Club.


Nutrena offers thirty-three different types of grain, organized into seven product lines for different categories of horses.   They also have grains that are specifically designed to help different categories of horses, including grains for senior horses and young, growing horses, just like Triple Crown.  The ingredients of these grains are extremely similar, if not exactly the same.

From a user perspective, the most difficult thing I found while doing research is that there are many different grains with the same basic description.  For example, their “ProForce Fuel” and “ProForce XTN” both show that they are used for performance horses, maintenance horses, and hard keepers. If I was new to Nutrena, I wouldn’t know which one to pick for my performance horse, because I wouldn’t understand the difference without doing more extensive research.


Besides this one negative feature, is a reputable horse feed company.  They don’t advertise that they sponsor any riders on their website, but they do have a horse-wellness blog, called “The Feed Room.” This blog features articles about horse feed, horse health, horse-related research conducted by Nutrena and Cargill Animal Nutrition.  Access to this blog can be found here.

Best Horse Feed Brands, Tribute            

Tribute offers twenty-four different types of grain, each catered to horses of unique circumstances, ages, and backgrounds.  Like Triple Crown and Nutrena, Tribute offers grain for performance horses, senior horses, young horses, hard-keepers, easy-keepers, you name it, they have something for it.    

Unlike Nutrena, Tribute gives a detailed description of the exact horse-type that each grain is created for. Also unlike Nutrena, Tribute doesn’t have very many subcategories of grain. Many of their names have trademarks or copyrights, but no definitive categories. With so many different types of grain, this makes it time-consuming. For a new customer, its hard to understand the characteristics of each grain. A list of all of Tributes feeds from their website is shown here.


Similar to Triple Crown, Tribute is very involved in the equestrian community.  They have “featured” riders that include eventer Megan O’Donoghue and show-jumper Candice King.  Candice King says the following of Tribute: “The benefits of Tribute are simple. We save money on our feed bills and our horses look and perform at their best. We feed less grain and have seen vastly better gains in the weight and condition of our horses. For us, the consistency of how the grain performs in our horses is the most crucial. To us, the horses’ health and well being are of utmost importance.”

Tribute also offers a partnership program, for any equestrian program or company that regularly uses Tribute grain for their horses. The company will give back to these groups depending on what type of group they are.  These are non-profit, riding school, or etc and how much product they order. 


Triple Crown, Nutrena, and Tribute have proven themselves to be at the head of the equine feed industry.  All three provide high-quality grains and feeds for all different kinds of horses. They all contribute to the equine community in unique ways, including sponsored riders and equine blogs and research.  I hope this article helped you get to know these three companies better. And helped you learn more about the best horse feed brands on the market.

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