Best Jeans For Horseback Riding

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Jeans are worn by men and women everywhere and are very commonly worn among people who ride horses. Riders who wear jeans usually ride western, some English riders will also, but the seems on the jeans tend to damage English saddles and stirrup leathers tend to pinch if you are not wearing tall boots. The best horseback riding jeans will be made of good quality material, are comfortable to wear, and hold up when being used for regular riding.

Best Horseback Riding Jeans – Jeans are NOT all the Same

It is very common for new riders to wear their regular day-to-day jeans riding, but if riding becomes a regular activity seeking different horseback riding jeans will be needed. The best horseback riding jeans won’t have a lot of bling on the pockets, the material will feel more durable, and the inseam will be different than day to day jeans.

Best Horseback Riding Jeans - Jeans are NOT all the same

Leave the Bling!

Sparkling rhinestones on the pockets of your jeans is a look many women love, but if you’re riding you will quickly learn that the best horseback riding jeans stay far away from the shiny pockets. The rhinestones and gems will quickly damage your saddles. Leaving gauged leather, rips, and tares that in most cases can not be repaired. If you are a new rider you will most likely be using someone else saddle, so you will be damaging their tack, so be aware of the potential harm that can be caused by the bling.

Material Matters

The best horseback riding jeans will be made of quality material, that is comfortable and durable. Riding jeans need to hold up for more than a few weeks, so a thick and durable material is going to keep your jeans from having rips and tares after three or four rides. All horseback riding jeans will have a bit of a different feel and some materials will need some time to break in, just like riding boots, before you will find them comfortable.

The Fit – Why the Design and Cut Matter

Unlike fashion jeans, horseback riding jeans will be sized with a waist in inches and then a length also in inches. Men will look something like 31 x 36, and women will be in one of two ways 29 x 34 or 5 x 35 the first number is waist size and the second number is the length. Riding jeans are worn long to go over your boots and not hike up when you’re mounted.

Jeans that stay long over the boot help decrease the amount of debris that can possibly enter your boot when in the saddle. The inseam of the best jeans for horseback riding will be FLAT. You will not find any twist or areas where it is raised, that will be on the outside if at all. The flat seam is designed to lay smooth against you so there is no chance of having a lumpy seam creating trouble when you are in the saddle all day.

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Top Picks for the Best Jeans For Horseback Riding 

#1 Wrangler Women’s Q-Baby Mid Rise Boot Cut Ultimate Riding Jean

Wrangler has a long history of making some of the best horseback riding jeans available! Wrangler Women’s Q-Baby jeans are constructed with high quality, durable material, full – flex knees, and flat seams. Wranglers Performance Fit is made of 86% cotton, 13% polyester, and 1% spandex. Perfectly crafted with a mid-rise jean with a no-gap waistband and a higher back rise for full coverage and comfort while in the saddles. Q-Baby jeans have a fitted seat and thighs and are designed to fit over your boots. These jeans are such a  big hit many horseback riders will own more than one pair of these jeans.


  • Long-lasting perfect rise for riding and on the ground.
  • Long-lasting color minimal fading.
  • Multiple Color Choices.
  • Great fit true to size.


  • Some sizes don’t hold shape, become saggy after a few hours.
  • The price point is a bit high
  • Zipper quality could be improved
  • Not ideal fit for slender women, cut is made for a curvy figure.

Best Horseback Riding Jeans

#2 ARIAT Women’s R.e.a.l. Mid Rise Bootcut Jean

Ariat is well known for making great boots, but now they are making your favorite jeans too!

These jeans offer a mid-rise back with darts and a contoured, no gap waistband that lifts flatters your backside. The 93% cotton, 6% polyester, and 1% spandex are durable and hold their shape. The boot cut style fits perfectly over boots and a comfortable ride in all day.

#3 Rock & Roll Cowgirl Women’s Riding Cut Boot in Dark Vintage

Rock &n Roll Cowgirl brand jeans e new to the market, but quickly have become a favorite to those who have bought them. Made with sturdy denim and 1% spandex gives you that little bit of stretch that makes these jeans very comfortable for all-day in and out of the saddle. Low-rise that fits perfectly on the hips and boot cut leg offers the perfect over the boot style that every cowgirl loves.

#4 Wrangler Men’s 13MWZ Cowboy Cut Original Fit Jean

Men’s Wrangler Cowboy Cut Original Fit Jean is a true cowboy’s first pick for jeans. Made of 100% cotton, heavyweight denim provide durability that will hold up to the demands of living the Cowboy way! These jeans are the Official ProRode Competition jean and worn by world champion cowboys. These 13 MWZ jeans are premium jeans and are much higher quality than those you would find in a department store. The seat, thigh, and leg, will last longer than other jeans because of the heavier denim that is used. The flat seems along the inner inseam are less likely to come apart, since the flat design reduces friction against the threads, which makes them become weak come apart.


  • Made of special weave, heavy-duty, old fashioned denim
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Worn by professional Cowboys
  • Style and cut have stayed the same for decades.


  • Fade lines may occur if not dried correctly during the first few washes.
  • Style numbers for slim/regular/original are all very similar causing a bit of trouble when trying to repurchase.
  • Very stiff at purchase, takes a few washes to break in, similar to breaking in a new pair of boots.

Cinch Jeans creates premium western wear clothing. Their product is one of a kind and the design is exclusive to the Cinch Brand. Cinch Jeans are custom designed to fit a cowboys’ way of life. All products are made with the best quality material available. Jeans are tough and durable and made to last. Felled seams are the most durable form of construction available. Felled seams offer increased strength, reduces bulk, and gives a clean finish.

All Cinch Jeans are made with Ring Spun Denim giving the fabric extra strength. The weft and warp (horizontal and vertical yarns) of the fabric add softness without reducing the durability of the jeans. Knowing that one cut of jeans will not fit everyone’s body type the same, so Cinch Jeans come in six different styles, with multiple waist and length combinations to choose from.

Pros – 

  • Quality material and styles that fit true to size.
  • Durable and last longer than other jean brands.
  • Great price

Cons –

  • Pockets are too large, extremely oversized.
  • Belt loops are too close together for wearing a belt.
  • Some confusion choosing the correct size when ordering online.


Cinch Mens Black Label 2 0 Medium Stonewash Jeans 33x32 Medium Blue


Having the right pair of jeans to ride in will make the difference between having a good day in the saddle or a bad one.  Jeans that are specifically designed to ride will be comfortable, durable, and functional. Quality jeans that are made for horseback riding will last a much longer time than those that are not made for riding. The thinner material will wear out faster and not hold up against the rough lifestyle that many horseback riders live. 

Nowadays there are many brands and styles of riding jeans to choose from. So, if you are unsure of what ones you should purchase, try on a few, and even purchase a few different brands to see what ones you like best for riding. You may find that you like a few different styles to ride in. And, don’t forget, some jeans are similar to boots when there are new. They can be a bit stiff and lack the suppleness you may find in other jeans, but after a few washes and rides your jeans will break in and be more flexible and comfortable.

What is the purpose of riding jeans?

Riding jeans are a practical choice for a rider because they are easy to move in, and they provide a comfortable and convenient riding position. The whole point of riding jeans is to make riding more comfortable, more convenient, more fun, more efficient, and more stylish. Riding pants also help you feel less hot and sweaty when you ride. A wide leg on your pants helps provide an extra bit of support. It also makes the pants more comfortable for riding, because it allows more room for your legs to move around and bend.

What is a riding jean?

Riding jeans are pants designed to help riders stay comfortable and effective in the saddle. To this end, they’re made to fit snugly on the seat and legs, ending in hems that remain inside tall boots or half chaps. They’re work pants, which is very much like a pair of jeans, but has some extra features that make it useful for riding. They are versatile, comfortable and durable. The riding jean is also known to be comfortable and durable because of the materials used to make it. When it comes to the material used, the riding jean is made from a denim material, however, other materials are also used to make the riding jean. This includes the denim material, cotton, spandex, etc.

Why do horse riders wear tight pants?

They are tight, so they’re easy to sit in, but they are loose enough to allow the rider to move easily. Also they’re tight enough to be supportive. Although most riders wear some type of tight pants to prevent chaffing. Loose fabric creates friction, which can create rub burns and blistering. They don’t have to be skin tight, but they need to be tighter than regular clothing because of the rubbing they do against the saddle and leathers. 

What are women’s horse riding pants called?

In the UK they are known as riding breeches, although they are also sometimes called jodhpurs. Jodhpur is a city in the state of Rajasthan in India, known for its horse riding. Jodhpurs are usually worn for riding horses, but they can also be worn for general wear. Jodhpurs are made with leather or denim pants and a knee length coat. 

What should you not wear when riding a horse?

It is not recommended to wear baggy clothes: flowing scarves, baggy pants, bulky sweaters with loose waists, and other sloppy or loose clothing can get caught on the saddle if you should fall off. Getting caught half-way down means you could get dragged, and that is far more dangerous than falling clear of the horse. A good riding habit is essential for safety. It helps keep the rider from getting tangled in the reins, from getting hurt in an accident, and from losing the horse if he runs away. A bad habit may be a cause of injury or death. Make sure your habit is properly fitted to your body.