How Much Do Clydesdales Weigh? Amazing Draft Horse Facts!

how much do clydesdales weigh

Clydesdale draft horses are one of the most beautiful horse breeds in the world! But how much do Clydesdales weigh, and how big are these magnificent horses? Have you ever …

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Black Oil Sunflower Seeds for Horses: 3 Great Benefits

black oil sunflower seeds for horses

Deciding what to feed your horse can be a minefield, and many equine experts will recommend black oil sunflower seeds for horses. But what are black oil sunflower seeds and …

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How to Flush a Horses Eye – Top Tips, Tactics, & Techniques!

how to flush a horses eye

In a medical emergency, there are some skills we should all learn, and how to flush a horses eye is one of them. If your horse has a problem with …

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Previcox for Horses Long-Term Use – Essential Pros & Cons

previcox for horses long-term use

If your horse has a lameness problem, your friends may suggest a course of Previcox to help relieve pain. But does Previcox for horses long-term use have any risk or …

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