The Top 100 Dutch Horse Names

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Last Updated on February 26, 2023

If you recently purchased one or your mare had a foal, knowing the top 100 Dutch horse names will come in handy when naming your new horse. 

Choosing a suitable name for your horse can be a daunting task. Not only are there many names to choose from, but finding one that gives you the right feeling can be overwhelming on its own. Luckily, there are popular choices to look through for inspiration. 

In this article, I share some info on the different Dutch horse breeds, what each’s identifications are, and the most common names given to these horses. 

5 Dutch Horse Breeds

Dutch Draft

The Dutch Draft is the largest Dutch horse breed. They were bred to help on farms with the heavy work. Dutch Drafts have good stamina and large, robust frames that make it possible for them to carry out difficult tasks. 

Friesian Horse

The Friesian breed was one of the first horse breeds identified, and they were used to create many other species. They’re mainly farm workers but do very well in competitions and performances too. Friesian horses were even used as military mounts because they’re known to be super intelligent and rugged.

 What are the top 10 best horse names?

Gelderlander Horse

Gelderlander horses were very athletic show horses and also used as good carriage animals. While breeders stopped breeding this breed in the 60s, all their characteristics were passed on to another species it helped create – the Dutch Warmblood. 

Groningen Horse

The Groningen horse breed also stepped in to breed the Dutch Warmblood. They passed their endurance, charm, and style on to the Dutch Warmbloods that we see today.

Dutch Warmblood

The Dutch Warmblood results from the Gelderlander horse and Groningen horse breeds. They were bred to be riding horses but are now used as sports horses in competitions because of their athletic qualities and intelligence.

Reasons Breeders Like Dutch-Bred Horses

The Dutch have been making magic with horse breeding since the 4th century in the Netherlands. There are many reasons why horse breeders prefer Dutch-bred horses.


Dutch-bred horses have a calm and friendly temperament, making them easy to handle and teach. They are peaceful enough to partake and excel in many activities. 

 What breed is Dutch's horse?


These horses were bred to work on farms and on fields. They’re very strong and muscular. 

Dutch-bred horses have enough stamina to carry out difficult tasks and show off their skills in competitions and performances. 


Dutch-bred horses are brilliant and can carry out any task you teach them without effort. They know how to put up a good show and do hard work. 


Dutch breeds such as the Friesian horse and Dutch Draft have a unique appearance, and the Friesian is a particularly majestic-looking horse. The Dutch Draft is a giant horse, and they are perfect for shows and performances where impressions count points! 

The Top 100 Dutch Horse Names

If you have a Dutch-bred horse, choosing a proper name is a priority. Here are 100 of the most popular Dutch horse names collected worldwide!

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  1. Augustus
  2. Champion
  3. Velvet
  4. Apollo
  5. North
  6. Alexander
  7. Luc
  8. Duchess
  9. Skye
  10. Isa
  11. Amira
  12. Valiant
  13. Stellar
  14. Tara
  15. Romeo
  16. Athena
  17. Catherine 
  18. Phantom
  19. Sophie
  20. Theodorus
  21. Aria
  22. Magnus
  23. Lexington
  24. Passion
  25. Baron
  26. Armstrong
  27. Fiona
  28. Henrick
  29. Spike
  30. Flicka
  31. Dagger
  32. Ada
  33. Vader
  34. Noelle
  35. Viggo
  36. Zelda
  37. Jan
  38. Gunner
  39. Crusade
  40. Alpha
  41. Titan
  42. Delta
  43. Bolt
  44. Berg
  45. Artemis
  46. Millicent
  47. Vandyke
  48. Amalia
  49. Victoria  What is the horse of Dutch?
  50. Maximus
  51. Roosevelt 
  52. Vanderpool
  53. Copper
  54. Valentino
  55. River
  56. Darcy
  57. Rowan
  58. Esme
  59. Blondie
  60. Bruce
  61. Duke
  62. Isabelle
  63. Nimbus
  64. Xena
  65. Misty
  66. Atticus
  67. Frederik
  68. Fenna
  69. Omega
  70. Anki
  71. Beast
  72. Ophelia
  73. Olympia
  74. Kobe
  75. Vromme
  76. Aart
  77. Brutus
  78. Clyde
  79. Esther
  80. Thor
  81. Charlie
  82. Christel
  83. Onyx
  84. Freja
  85. Angus
  86. Liberty
  87. Bullet
  88. Clara
  89. Beau
  90. Echo
  91. Jetta
  92. Gustaaf
  93. Dexter
  94. Cleo
  95. Wilma
  96. Elsa
  97. Foxtrot
  98. Ryker
  99. Astrid
  100. Luna

How To Tell Which Breed A Dutch Horse Is

 dutch horse names

Every horse breed has tell-tales. Here are those of the most popular Dutch-bred horses!

Friesian Horse

A Friesian Horse can be identified by its long, black mane and tail. They are black from head to toe with soft, silky hair on their power legs that look like feathers.

The Gelderlander Horse 

The Gelderlander horse was gray, pinto, bay, black, or chestnut with white marks. They often looked like they were wearing white socks on two or more of their legs.

The Groningen Horse 

These horses were mostly black or bay but could be chestnut or gray with a rectangular frame. Their legs weighed almost 50% of their body weight. 

The Dutch Warmblood

Dutch Warmbloods can have many colors, but bay or chestnut is the most common. These horses also have white markings on their legs or face, and their shoulders look sloped.

The Dutch Draft

This horse breed has a short neck and back with solid legs and soft, silky feathers around their ankles. They’re either brown, chestnut, black, or a mixture of any one of these colors with white.

Wrapping Up

Knowing the different characteristics of your horse breed should help you choose a more suitable name for them. I recommend spending some time with your horse before selecting a name for them so you’ll find something unique to their personality!

There are many famous names to choose from, but you should name your horse something that touches your heart and feels like the right fit for them. 

I hope this article inspired you and that choosing a name for your horse will be a bit easier. If you have any more questions about naming your horse, ask them in the comments! 


What is the horse of Dutch?

The horse most often referred to as the horse of Dutch is the Dutch Warmblood. This horse is versatile and performs well in competitions and carriage driving.

What are the top 10 best horse names?

There are many horse names that you could consider great, but here are the top 10 as ranked by popularity:

Alex, Alexia, Bella, Cash, Dakota, Fancy, Lady, Lilly, Sugar, and Tucker.

What breed is Dutch’s horse?

Dutch's horse in The Count is an Albino Arabian Stallion.

What horse is native to the Netherlands?

The Dutch Warmblood is native to the Netherlands and a crossing between the Gerlderlander and Groningen horse breeds.

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