Equestrian Safety Vests Reviews

Last Updated on December 26, 2022

Are you interested in riding cross country, trails, or endurance? If so, you may want to consider investing in a riders’ equestrian safety vest! These vests act as a protection to your core organs and bone structure, should you fall off your horse and land on a hard surface, such as a log or a dirt path. 

Safety vests are often required for competitive cross country events and are becoming more common for trail riders and endurance riders.  Though these are where safety vests are most commonly seen, they can be used for any equestrian discipline.

There are many different companies that make safety vests, though a few stand out amount the others.  In this article, I will be reviewing the riders’ safety vests that can be easily purchased from Amazon.

These include the Unistrength Equestrian Vest, the Jili Online Adults Protective Vest, the Prettyia Horse Riding Vest, the Ovation Adult Comfort Flex Body Protector, the Monkeyjack Safety EVA Padded Vest, the Aymario Horse Riding Vest, and the Tipperary Eventer Vest.

Best Equestrian Safety Vest Reviews

#1 Unistrength Equestrian Safety Vest

The Unistrength Equestrian Vest is a great option for trail riders and non-competitive cross country or endurance riders.  The vest is breathable and comfortable and is still padded to reduce shock upon a hard impact.

It comes in sizes small-extra large, and exact dimensions are available on its Amazon sale page.  This vest zips at the front and laces on the sides, to allow for a customized fit. It comes only in black.

 The Unistrength Equestrian Vest extends longer in the back than in the front.  This allows for coverage to the end of the rib cage in the front, with the room for the rider to still bend at the hip comfortably.  And, it allows for the protection of the spine, through the tailbone in the back.

Best Equestrian Safety Vest Reviews

This vest comes with a 30-day return policy and a 12-month warranty.  While this vest appears to be like many other protective equestrian vests, many of the Amazon reviews say that it is relatively cheaply made, and it is a brand that does not have much recognition in the equestrian world.  

That is why I would recommend it for those who will be using the vest for non-competitive purposes. This vest will protect you and serve its purpose, but competitors may want to go with something that will hold up a bit better.

Pros Cons
-cheap price -not a reliable brand
-customized fit -cheaply made

#2 Jili Online Adults Protective  Safety Vest

The Jili Online Adults Equestrian Vest is another good option for non-competitive trail, cross-country, and endurance riders.  It comes in sizes extra small through triple X-large. Like the Unistrength Equestrian Vest, it is breathable and comfortable, while still providing padding to protect from the shock of a hard impact.

It too has a zipper in the front and laces on the size, that can be adjusted for a custom fit.  It runs longer in the back than in the front; again for the protection of the spine through the tailbone, and the ribcage with enough space for a rider to bend at the hip comfortably.

Jili Online Adults Protective  Safety Vest

The Jili online vest also only comes in black and is made from polyester (outside) and EVA (the padding inside). While the vest does have all of the necessary features, it is made from a brand that does not have much recognition in the horse world.

The Jili Online Adults Protective Vest appears to be a great deal;  but, some reviews share that the correct sizes are not always delivered. Sometimes to price to be paid for a great deal is quality control, and that sounds like it has been an issue with the Jili Online vest.

Pros Cons
-cheap -no brand recognition
-custom fit -quality control issues

#3 Prettyia Equestrian Safety Vest Horse Riding

The Prettyia Horse Riding Vest is another great fit for non-competitive trials, cross country, or endurance riders who love the color pink! This vest is only carried in a bright pink option on Amazon, so be sure that pink is for you before purchasing this vest!

The Prettyia Horse Riding Vest zips in the front and laces on the side, just like the others, to ensure a custom fit.  It also runs longer in the back for full spine protection, and short in the front for freedom of motion in the hips and pelvis.  

Prettyia Equestrian Safety Vest Horse Riding

This vest comes in a huge range of sizes, all the way from a kid’s small to a men’s double X-large.  I guess pink can be for anyone! It too comes from a brand that doesn’t have recognition in the horse world but doesn’t have any bad reviews on Amazon. The price range for the Prettyia Horse Riding Vest depends on which size you get.

Pros Cons
-cheap -limited color selection
-large range of sizes -no brand recognition

#4 Ovation Adult Comfort Flex Body Protector

The Ovation Adult Comfort Flex Body Protector is a great vest for competitive cross country riders.  It would also be a great, safe option for trail and endurance riders.  This vest comes in black and ranges from an extra small to a large.  

The design of this vest is considerably different from the design of the previous three.  This vest does zip in the front, but instead of lacing on the sides, it has hook and loop systems on both the sides and the shoulders, that allows for lots of customization in fit.

Ovation Adult Comfort Flex Body Protector

It provides a solid protective cushioning and isn’t paneled like the other three vests are.  The only similarity is that it also is shorter in the front than in the back, allowing for full spinal protection and mobility in the hips.  The Ovation Adult Comfort Flex Body Protector comes in black.

Pros Cons
-reliable brand -expensive
-better protection

#5 Aymario Horse Riding Vest

The Aymario Horse Riding Vest is a great option for non-competitive riders in cross country, trail, or endurance.  It has a similar design to the Ovation Adult Comfort Flex vest, but similar quality and price to the Unistrength, the Jili Online, and the Prettyia.  

The Aymario comes in black and is only carried in children’s sizes on Amazon, though adult sizes are available on other websites. It has the high in the back, low in the front style that all of the vests so far have had, and it also zips in the front.

Aymario Horse Riding Vest

The biggest con to this vest is that it does not have any additional features that allow for customization.  It does not have laces on the sides or latches in the shoulder like other models do. Outside of this feature,  the Anymario Horse Riding Vest could be a great asset to any young rider’s equestrian wardrobe.

Pros Cons
-inexpensive -only kids sizes
-no custom sizing

#6 Tipperary Eventer Vest

The Tipperary Eventer Vest is the ideal vest for a competitive eventer.  It will also provide the best protection for anyone riding cross-country, trail, or endurance.  I have personally owned this vest, and I endorse using it 100%! It kept me safe on many occasions. 

The Tipperary Eventer Vest is similar in design to the first three vests discussed;  it is paneled, zips in the front, and laces on the sides. It is long in the back, and shorter in the front.  It’s breathable, and light, so much so that you’ll often forget that you’re wearing it.

Tipperary Eventer Vest

Outside of its high quality, the biggest pro to the Tipperary Eventer Vest is the name.  Tipperary is a brand known around the equestrian community as reliable, trustworthy, and innovative.  They are known for making high-quality safety products such as vests and helmets.

High quality comes with a cost, and the Tipperary Eventer Vest gives or takes, depending on size and color.  It comes in four different colors on Amazon: black, hunter green, navy blue, and royal blue. It comes in too many sizes to list, but an easy-to-follow sizing chart will help you figure out which one is the best fit for you.

Pros Cons
-high quality -expensive
-reliable brand

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There are many safety vests to choose from! I hope this article helped you understand the varying characteristics of some of the most popular, and determine which one might be best for you.  If you found this article helpful, please share it, and share with us your experiences in wearing and purchasing equestrian safety vests!

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Why Do Equestrians Wear Vests? 

Many equestrians wear vests as an added layer of protection. Horseback riding is an inherently dangerous sport, even more so than contact sports and motorcycle riding. Serious injury or fall risk does not increase with speed, but with the height of the fall (length to ground impact). This is why protective body vests are seen more often in jumping disciplines, particularly cross-country courses for eventers. There are traditional body protectors and air vests. Air vests are typically designed to be worn in conjunction with body protectors to help prevent or minimize “crushing” injuries. Some organizations require Level 3 body protectors to participate in specific events, like cross-country. 

What’s The Best Body Protector For Horse Riding? 

Horseback riding body protectors can be certified as EN, ASTM/SEI, or BETA. Level ratings range 1-3, with 3 being the highest level of protection.  However, pricing and comfort also play a role when selecting the best product. One of the top picks for an economical $249 is the USG Eco-Flexi Body Protector. It is Level 3 BETA and EN certified. Most Level 1 vests and even some non-certified vests have the same low-price tag! Casual trail riders may not require higher ratings and associated pricing with multi-certified protectors, whereas eventers typically desire the most protection accompanied by freedom of movement. 

Are Tipperary Vests Certified?

Tipperary has a diverse lineup of equestrian body protectors in multiple styles and price points. However, not all Tipperary vests are certified. For example, their Eventer Vest holds no certification despite the name. If you are interested in a similar item with ASTM-F1937-04 certification, they offer the more expensive Eventer Pro edition. As another example, its Competitor Flex vest is certified, but the Ride-Lite is not. The more economical Tipperary collections of body protectors are typically not certified. When shopping for a vest, most companies are proud to advertise any and all certifications (even if it is from a third-party safety-testing lab).

What Does A Horseback Riding Body Protector Do? 

Although body protectors can’t guarantee prevention or reduction in serious injury or death, they are popular options for added safety. The protectors cover the torso area to help safeguard a rider’s ribs and organs. Some protectors will extend to cover the tail bone area, but cannot be too long or it may interfere with the rider’s movement and equitation. The impact protection is helpful for ground contact, obstacle contact, or even hooves. Foam or other state-of-the-art protective materials help absorb any impact to decrease or reduce possible injuries. Most designs are flexible for rider comfort and offer unrestricted movement for navigating courses.  

Do You Have To Wear A Body Protector With An Air Jacket?

Most air jackets can be worn alone or with a body protector, but work best when paired with a body protector. Although air vests are growing in popularity, they function differently from body protectors. Therefore, utilizing both offers optimal injury protection. Air vests can stabilize the neck, head, and torso for a highly cushioned impact and protection against crushing injuries.  Air vests are not a requirement for any event, but body protectors are. This means any rider opting for an air vest is required to utilize a body protector underneath for these events. Because air vests are designed to work well with body protectors, professionals will recommend wearing a protector under an air vest.