7 Good Horse Shows On Netflix

Last Updated on December 21, 2022

Like all of you horse-crazy folk out there, when we’re not caring for or riding our horses we’ll probably be talking about them or learning about them! Watching TV programs is a great way to learn about horses, and Netflix has some excellent choices. But what are the good horse shows on Netflix?

Top 7 Good Horse Shows On Netflix

Netflix has a huge range of horse shows and documentaries, and there really is something for everyone to view. For instance, on days when the weather is too bad to ride, you can get your horse fixed by watching them on TV instead. We’ve found the very best horse shows on Netflix for you, so here are our top 7 Netflix horse shows!

1. Best Motivational Horse Movie On Netflix: Walk. Ride. Rodeo

If you love movies based on true-life stories, you’ll be completely gripped by this film! Walk. Ride. Rodeo. tells the story of barrel racer Amberley Snyder, who was paralyzed from the waist down following a horrific car accident.

This film has been described as inspirational, motivating, and heartwarming, as it depicts Amberley’s battle to overcome her injuries and return to the sport she loves. Amazingly, some of the stunts performed in the movie were done by the real-life Amberley Snider and her sister!

Horse Movie On Netflix - Walk. Ride. Rodeo

2. Best Horseracing Documentary On Netflix: 7 Days Out

This horseracing documentary on Netflix is great for people wanting a deeper insight into the world of horse racing. Many of us enjoy a day out at the races, but what really goes on behind the scenes?

7 Days Out is a documentary telling the story behind the Kentucky Derby, one of the biggest horse races in the US. The name of the program came about because it starts a week before the event. This gives us an exclusive insight into the final buildup to this dramatic horse race, including features with some of the runners and riders.

3. Best Wild Horse Documentary On Netflix: Wild Horse, Wild Ride

Wild Horse, Wild Ride is a movie documentary that tells the story of the Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge. This program follows 100 people across the country in an attempt to tame a wild mustang in 100 days.

This challenge is a promotional event, aimed at finding homes for many of the wild mustangs living in corrals. Each trainer is paired with a mustang, and spends 100 days training it; as a result, the horse is then made available for adoption or purchase.

Along the way, we get an insight into the bonding and psychology of training wild horses. Not only that, but the horses themselves are absolutely beautiful. This docu-movie is one that any horse lover would watch again and again.

Wild Horse Wild Ride

4. Best Horse Training Programme On Netflix: Dark Horse

Based again on a real-life story, Dark Horse tells the tale of a group of friends who decide to breed themselves a racehorse. Based in the UK, these friends begin to make a dream become reality as they rear and train their foal.

Breaking into the UK horse racing industry is not an easy prospect. This group of unlikely horse trainers definitely was fighting the odds right from the start! We won’t give you any spoilers, but this true-life story will keep you gripped to the very end.

5. Best Horse Tearjerker Movie On Netflix: The Horse Boy

When The Horse Boy was written, this autobiographical tale sent ripples around the equine world. If you were one of those who loved the book, you will be delighted to hear that the movie certainly does not disappoint!

The Horse Boy tells the story of an American couple who, desperate to help their autistic son Rowan communicate, take him on a quest to Morocco. Here, with the help of an inspirational shaman, Rowan finds a connection with horses that is guaranteed to bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

This movie will resonate with anyone who has had to struggle against adversity. We definitely recommend that you have a box of tissues on hand for watching this one!

Tearjerker Movie On Netflix - The Horse Boy

6. Best Horse Whisperer Movie On Netflix: Buck

Buck tells the tale of Buck Brannaman, who overcame his demons from years of child abuse to become a well-known horse whisperer. Another real-life story, this movie documents how Buck became a leading expert in the interactions between horses and people.

This docu-movie gives an incredible insight into how Buck developed his novel new training methods. Buck had a strong belief that horses should be treated with compassion rather than punishment. These methods are now widely used throughout the equine world, and Buck continues his good work to this day.

We’d recommend this docu-movie if you are interested in learning more about how to communicate with horses. The story itself is fascinating, and we think the whole family would enjoy this movie.

7. Best Horse Movie For Children On Netflix: The Greening of Whitney Brown

Looking for a horse fix for the little jockey in your life? You can’t go wrong with a good family movie like The Greening of Whitney Brown!

In this movie, we follow Whitney Brown as she moves from privileged city life to a small hometown farm when her father loses his job. Whitney hates living in the country and is distraught at leaving her friends and shopping trips behind.

However, things slowly begin to change when Whitney begins to build a relationship with a horse named Bob. This is a great movie to watch with the family, with lessons about learning to appreciate the small things in life.

Is The Pale Horse on Netflix?

If you are looking to watch The Pale Horse because you are a fan of horses, we’re afraid you will be very disappointed! The Pale Horse is an adaptation of an Agatha Christie novel and tells the story of a man who suspects he has been cursed by three witches. So, you might spot a horse in the background, but they certainly don’t feature highly in the film!

The Pale Horse is a BBC BritBox production and is currently not available on Netflix. However, this two-part drama is available on Amazon Prime.

Is War Horse Available on Netflix?

War Horse is one of the most famous horse movies of modern times and has even been made into a tear-jerking long-running stage show. War Horse may be available on Netflix, but this will depend on what country you are in.

Currently, War Horse is not available on Netflix USA. However, it is available on Netflix in many European countries. Watching War Horse on Amazon Prime may be a good alternative if you live in the US.

Is A Horse From Heaven on Netflix?

A Horse From Heaven is a truly feel-good family movie about a girl who forms a relationship with a wounded horse, and in the process learns how to trust again. This is a beautiful story of hope, faith, healing, and course horses!

This movie was renamed ‘A Champion Heart’, which often causes some confusion when people are trying to find the best place to stream it.

Depending on your location, ‘A Horse From Heaven’ or ‘A Champion Heart’ may be available to stream on Netflix. If not, it can be rented on Prime Video or Google Play.

Is Horse Land on Netflix?

Horseland is an American animated television series about the adventures of a group of children who attend equestrian stables. It was aired for three seasons, with 39 episodes in total.

Horseland is not available on Netflix, but it can be streamed on Amazon Prime or iTunes.

Is Dream Horse Free on Netflix?

If you’re a fan of films where an underdog strives to beat the odds, you will love Dream Horse! This movie tells the tale of a racehorse bred and trained in a small Welsh town and the team who club together to help him get to the top of his sport. To top it off, Dream Horse is based on a true story!

Depending on your location, Dream Horse may be available to watch on Netflix. Whether it is free or not will depend on the type of subscription you have and the region where you live.

Is A Sunday Horse on Netflix?

Another valiant ‘against the odds’ movie is A Sunday Horse, which tells the story of a young girl and her horse who fight to get back to the top of their sport after a near-fatal accident. Based on a true story, this film will keep you hooked to the very end, with twists and turns along the way.

A Sunday Horse is available on Netflix in many countries, including the USA.

What Breed of Horse is Roach in The Witcher – Netflix?

Fans of The Witcher will be spellbound by the majestic horses ridden by the stars of this fantasy show set in a medieval world. The central character, Geralt of Riva, is a famous monster hunter, also known as ‘the witcher’, who rides a stunningly handsome chestnut horse called Roach.

The horse that currently plays the role of Roach in the show is a chestnut gelding called Zeus – even though, in the show, Roach is a mare! The true breeding of Zeus is unknown, and it is most likely that he is a crossbreed.

Interestingly, the character Geralt calls all of his horses Roach, so in the future, there may be another horse that takes on this role. Rumor has it that the next manifestation of Roach will be played by a beautiful black gelding named Hector.


Finding good horse shows on Netflix can take a lot of time and effort to search for something which takes your fancy. We think we’ve picked the very best for you here, and we hope you find something that you enjoy!

Do you have any questions about our top horse TV shows? Perhaps you’ve got extra suggestions for good horse shows on Netflix? Add a comment below this post and we’ll get back to you!