Is Ariat A Good Brand Of Boots?

Last Updated on March 24, 2022

These days, it can be so hard to find a good pair of boots! The market has been flooded with many new brands and imitations. One brand which is frequently recommended is Ariat, but is Ariat a good boot brand?

Ariat is a high-quality brand of boot manufacturers that have revolutionized the design of equestrian footwear. Based in America, many horse riders and grooms swear by their Ariat boots, and would not buy anything else.

But what makes Ariat boot quality so good? Let’s take a deeper look into this brand to find out more.

What Are Ariat Boots?

Ariat is a footwear brand based in America that makes high-quality boots for equestrian and other outdoor activities. The founders of Ariat wanted to create boots that were comfortable as well as functional.

They had had enough of stiff, inflexible riding boots and were determined to make a new, innovative riding boot.

To achieve this, the makers of Ariat boots decided to implement technology that was only previously utilized in the athletic shoe market. This enabled them to bring a whole new level of comfort to the equestrian boot market, and they quickly became popular throughout the equine world.

What Are Ariat Boots

What Type Of Boots Do Ariat Make?

Although Ariat started out making equestrian riding boots, they quickly branched out into other areas. Their brand focus is country, western and equestrian footwear, and the range now includes loafers and training shoes as well.

In recent years, Ariat has also branched out into equestrian and country clothing and apparel. As horses are our passion, we will be focusing today on boots made by Ariat. These are the types of boots that Ariat make:

  • Western-style boots
  • Cowboy boots
  • Riding boots
  • Casual ‘Chelsea’ boots
  • Walking boots
  • Yard boots

Where Are Ariat Boots Made?

Like many brands of American footwear, not all Ariat boots are made in the United States. Ariat’s headquarters are located in California but most of the manufacturing takes place overseas.

Ariat boots are made in either China or Mexico, depending on the type of boot. The only exception to this is some of the loafers and lace-up boots in the Two24 range.

Where Are Ariat Boots Made

This may be off-putting to some people – after all, some equestrian boots such as the cowboy boot are American icons! Surely these should be made in the US and nowhere else?

However, these days there are not many manufacturers who don’t outsource their production to elsewhere in the world. If you are looking for a pair of boots produced in America then give Ariat a miss and look for a smaller, independent manufacturer instead.

Are Ariat Boots Good Quality?

One of the core values of Ariat is that they will never scrimp on quality! Ariat boots go through a 150-step construction process. They are also thoroughly tested to ensure that they will withstand the harsh conditions that horse-lovers often have to face.

These are boots that should be able to withstand rain, mud, hail, rocky ground, snow, ice, and anything else the elements can throw at you!

ARIAT Men’s Rambler Western Boot

How Long Will Ariat Boots Last?

Ariat boots are designed to last for a long time, but as with anything this isn’t always the case! User reviews for some boots, such as the leather cowboy boots, say that they are hardwearing and will be as good as new after several years.

However, feedback on other boots such as the yard boots is not so good, with wearers reporting that they started to leak after a year or two. Now, this doesn’t sound too bad, but if you’re investing big money in a pair of boots we think you’d expect them to last for years!

When you’ve chosen the pair of Ariat boots that you really like, it is a good idea to check out the user reviews to find out how long you can expect them to last.

All Ariat boots come with a 12-month warranty from the manufacturers, which should give you some reassurance about the high quality of these products.

How Long Will Ariat Boots Last

Is Ariat A Good Boot Brand?

Not only do Ariat make high-quality equestrian footwear, but they also have great charitable credentials! Ariat supports 12 different non-profit organizations, from supporting war veterans to equine welfare charities.

Many professional riders choose to wear Ariat boots. Some of the top-level Ariat fans include:

  • Eventers Nicola Wilson, Mary King & William Fox-Pitt
  • Dressage riders Maria Eilberg and Michael Eilberg
  • Showjumper Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum

Are Ariat Boots Worth The Money?

This is a tricky question to answer as everyone has a different budget! One of the great things about Ariat however is that they have a range of products at different prices, so simply buy the best you can afford.

In the long run, most people who own Ariat boots say that they are worth the money. This is because they are hardwearing and long-lasting, outperforming and outlasting cheaper imitations.

How To Buy Ariat Boots

Although many people these days shop online, you do really need to try on Ariat boots before settling on the perfect ones for you. You can either order several pairs online and send back the ones which don’t suit you, or you can go into a store to check out the full range.

When buying shoes or boots it is advisable to try them on in the afternoon – this is when your feet are at their biggest! Remember to wear the socks which you would normally wear when riding or hanging out with your horse.

If you find a pair that fits comfortably, have a good walk around in them to make sure they don’t rub or pinch. Sit down in them to make sure they won’t chafe when in the saddle, and make sure you can get them on and off comfortably.

So, as we’ve learned, Ariat boot quality is very good, and this brand comes highly recommended. Ariat also offers an impressive range of different types of boots, so there really should be an Ariat boot to suit every rider.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Ariat boots, or perhaps you have a preference for a different brand? Please add your comments below!

Do Ariat make good boots?

Yes, Ariat boots have been proven by many people to be one of the best quality boots on the market. All of their boots go through a 150-step construction process, and they also do a lot of field testing to ensure their products hold up in the real world. They’ve created more than 500 different styles of shoes and boots. They put a lot of time into product development to make sure that every product fits and feels just right.
Ariat boots are designed for comfort and performance, as well as style. They’re designed to be worn for long hours of hard work in any kind of terrain. They’re designed to keep your feet protected from the elements and the rocks they’re walking on. Ariat has a wide variety of models, ranging from casual to work boots, so there’s one that’s right for you. Ariat’s boots are designed to offer maximum comfort, whether you’re on your feet all day or just hanging out at home.

Are Ariat boots popular? 

Ariat is an American company that produces equestrian-inspired footwear. They are best known for their cowboy boots, which are designed to meet the needs of horse riders. They also produce equestrian-inspired footwear for people who participate in other equestrian activities. Their boots are considered to be one of the most comfortable and practical boots on the market, with their high-quality materials and quality craftsmanship making them an excellent choice for all types of riding. Their world-class products are a favorite among many top equestrians as they are safe, comfortable, durable, and practical. Their footwear meets all the demands of equestrian life, with their cowboy boots being among the most popular and sought after models.

Are Ariat boots made in Mexico?

The Ariat boots are not made in the USA. The prototypes of the boots are designed in the United States, but the brand’s production is concentrated in China, Vietnam, and Mexico, where the company keeps production facilities. These companies pay lower wages than in the USA, thus allowing Ariat to keep prices low for consumers. However, the quality is not compromised on this account. Many people know that Ariat boots are high-quality boots that offer comfort and protection and there’s a huge number of professional horseman and athletes who trust Ariat boots and use them on everyday basis.

Who developed Ariat boots?

Ariat was founded in the early 1990s, when co-founders Beth Cross and Pam Parker set out to create better riding boots because the “traditional boots were stiff, heavy and hard on the feet.” With time Ariat has expanded to apparel and accessories for equestrian sports, fashion and work wear.
It is headquartered in the United States and has offices in Japan, China and Canada. The company is known for its line of riding boots, but it also offers shoes for casual wear and other outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and hunting. They are also known for their comfortable footwear. 

Can a snake bite through cowboy boots?

While cowboy boots may not protect you from a bite on the top and side of the foot area, they have thicker soles that do offer some protection to your foot. However, Rattlesnakes are most common in the Southwestern United States and they bite mostly in the calf area. If a rattlesnake bites straight on, it may penetrate the leather of your cowboy boot.