Best Boots For Line Dancing – Get On The Dance Floor

Last Updated on December 21, 2022

An evening on the dance floor, tapping your toes is fantastic fun, but the right shoes are essential, let’s take a look at the best boots for line dancing. Dancing gives your feet battering, making comfortable boots nonnegotiable. Not only do your boots need to be comfortable, but they also need to express your personality.

One Feature Line Dancing Boots Must Have

Line dancing involves following a sequence of steps and repeating this throughout the dance. Dances involve quick foot movement, spins, and slides. To successfully carry off these moves, use line dancing boots with a leather sole only.

For everyday work and wear, a good grippy sole is one of the most important features a boot needs. However, for line dancing, you want just the opposite. This is where the leather sole comes in.

One Feature Line Dancing Boots Must Have

The best boots for line dancing have a slippery sole that helps you slide around the dance floor. Boots with leather soles will grip the floor too much, stifling your ability to show off your amazing moves. If you can’t wait to hit the dance floor and don’t have the budget for new line dancing boots, you can use sandpaper to smooth out rubber soles on an old pair of western boots.

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What Are The Types Of Line Dancing Boots?

Several types of western boots have suitable soles for line dancing. This includes everything from ropers, to work boots, to stock boots, buckaroos, and riding boots. The most popular styles on the dancefloor have a traditional western look.

One feature of riding boots that line dancers like is the heel. The heel on this style of boot is higher than most other types of western boots. This high heel makes a great sound that accentuates your steps while dancing. If you want to put comfort over the ability to make smooth, flashy dance steps, look at western work boots. However, the soles on these boots are not as slick, so you may find it difficult to make flashy turns and slides.

What Height Heels Do Your Boots Need?

Line dancing boot heel height is a matter of personal preference and experience. For those new to line dancing, stick to a low heel height of no more than one inch. If you have your dance moves mastered, don’t hesitate to consider boots with two-inch heels, over even higher.

What Height Heels Do Your Boots Need

Fitting Dancing Cowboy Boots

To get the most comfort out of your line dancing boots use the following tips to help you get the best fit. 

  • Your boots should fit snugly but not feel tight.
  • When you move, your heel should move slightly.
  • Your toe should not be pushed against the tip of the boot. To know this fit is correct, the ball of your foot needs to settle where the boots are the widest.
  • On the other hand, boots that are too loose make dancing difficult.
  • Heel slippage should fall into the ¼-inch to ⅜-inch range.

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Line Dancing Boot Style

Line dancing boots do not have to fit into a specific appearance. Here you can let your personality shine through. If you feel confident and think your boots are beautiful, don’t be afraid to show them off.

Fringe, color, embroidery, two-tone or distressed leather, conservative, and even feathers all shine on the dance floor. It doesn’t matter what other people think, and people will rarely think your boots are unacceptable.

While there is no particular dress code for line dancing, most people like to keep to a traditional western style. Keep to the following guidelines, and you will have no problem fitting in.

  • Don’t wear open-toed shoes
  • Use boots with a sturdy leather sole for durability
  • Higher heels are ok but avoid overly high ones
  • Focus on comfort so you can keep dancing the whole night

Line Dancing Boot Style

Line Dancing Boots Color

Lined dancing boots come in numerous colors, so you’ll have no problem finding a pair that suits your personality. If you want a pair of boots that match all kinds of outfits, the best choices are brown or black boots without added color. Once you’ve decided to spend lots of time dancing, look for more uniquely styled boots.

Tips For Comfortable Line Dancing

Put baby powder on your bare feet, followed by moisture-wicking socks with no seams. Choose western boots with well-cushioned soles. Dancing for thirty minutes or more will make your feet sore, especially the balls of your feet.

Carefully look at the seams on the boots you want to wear for line dancing. Smooth seams will help prevent rubs and blisters. If you get rubs because the boots are too tight, try stuffing them to stretch out the offending area. Some synthetic soles work well for line dancing if they are smooth.

If you are only starting line dancing, it isn’t necessary to go out and spend a lot of money on fancy western boots. However, try to use shoes that have flat, smooth soles. While leather soles are the best, you can get away with a smooth rubber sole at the start.

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Check Out Some Of The Best Boots For Line Dancing

Ariat Men’s Mesteno Western Cowboy Boot

We love the style of these boots, and they are great for line dancing. These boots have a classic western look with added flair. The boots come in a subtle medium brown for the more conservative dancer or great bright colors, including green, lime, and sky blue.


  • Leather soles
  • Leather lining
  • Full-grain leather
  • Pull-on tabs for easily putting on
  • Durable
  • Square toed
  • Traditionally nailed
  • Comfortable


  • While these boots have leather soles, they do have a Duratred heel trap that might reduce their sliding ability.
  • Take some time to break-in

Best Boots For Line Dancing - Ariat

Dan Post Men’s Renegade Western Boot

With a traditional look, these boots suit those who want stylish boots, but without too much flashiness. The boots come in two different shades of brown and have a nicely stitched design. The boots have a mid-calf height.


  • Leather outsole
  • Removable insole
  • Leather upper and lining
  • Rugged look


  • The leather was a little stiff initially before breaking in
  • The side welt sometimes causes rubbing
  • Be careful with sizing; you may need to go up a size
  • Some questions regarding durability

Durango Women’s Crush Cowgirl Boot

The Durango Women’s Crush fits the bill for women who like to embrace their femininity. The boots have swirling embroidery and heart embellishments, without over-the-top colors. They are 1 ⅞-inch heel and full-grain leather uppers.


  • Flashy boots, but not over the top
  • Comfortable
  • Soft right out of the box
  • Some may not like the pointy toe


  • Narrow fit
  • Synthetic soles, which may need sanding to make them slippery enough for line dancing

Soto Boots Men’s Leather Harness Boots

Simplicity is the key feature of these western boots. They come in two styles, plain with a motorcycle-style metal harness and the other with the same color American flag and eagle image. The plain boots come in brown, while the embellished version comes in black.


  • Simple and no-fuss design
  • Cushioned insole
  • Leather lined
  • Genuine leather


  • Mixed leather and rubber sole
  • Size runs big
  • High calf height

Soto Boots Turquoise Rose Country Cowgirl Boots

The Soto Turquoise Rose Country Cowgirls Boots ooze beauty. These boots come in the main color of rich brown, or white. The brown boots have inlaid turquoise roses and golden embroidery, while the white boots have gold roses and white embroidery.


  • Leather soles
  • Pull-on tabs
  • Genuine leather
  • Cushioned insole
  • Leather lining


  • Slightly difficult to get on and off
  • Scuff easily
  • Narrow ankle
  • Run small

Corral Boot Women’s 11-Inch Circle G Honey 

These Corral boots are another pretty line-dancing option for ladies that like some embellishment while keeping a traditional style. The boots feature a unique embroidered dragonfly in beige set in dark brown leather. In addition to the styling, these boots focus on comfort.


  • Smooth leather lining
  • Leather Soles
  • Cushioned leather footbed
  • Square toe
  • Genuine leather


  • Narrow fit
  • Not ideal for wide calves

Best Boots For Line Dancing - Corral Boots

How Much Does it Cost to Get Into Cowboys Dance Hall?

Cowboys Dancehall is the pinnacle of country and western dancing dreams! This popular nightspot is one of the premier attractions in Texas for cowgirls and cowboys who want to enjoy a fun night out.

The admission fee for Cowboys Dancehall varies according to what events are on at the time. On certain days it is possible to hire the entire venue for private parties and corporate events, but this comes with a hefty price tag!

At the other end of the scale, tickets for special event nights start from $15 upwards. An even cheaper option is the free country and western dance lessons, which are run several times a week. Cowboys Dancehall also holds teen nights, and parents can attend with their teenagers free of charge.

How to Country and Western Dance?

Country and western dancing is great fun to learn, and, once mastered, a skill that you will love to show off at barn dances! If you are interested in learning country and western dancing, the best place to start is by taking dance classes. The good thing about dance classes is that you don’t always even need a partner, as your instructor will pair you up with someone suitable.

There are many different types of country and western dancing, some more complex than others. Most people start by learning the two-step, where the male leads his female partner in a series of simple foot movements.

If you attend country and western dance lessons, you may also get the opportunity to learn some of the group dances. These include line dances and square dances, which are great fun to perform at country and western events.

How Can I Learn Western Dance at Home?

In the modern day and age, it is entirely possible to learn western dancing at home! Technology means we have access to tutorials and videos that can help anyone learn how to dance in the privacy of their own home.

Learning western dancing is easier if you have the help of a partner, but this can be a fun activity to carry out with a friend. Although traditional western dancing used to involve a man and a woman dancing together, these days it is completely acceptable for same-sex couples to learn to dance with each other.

So, grab a friend, find a good western dancing tutorial online, and get dancing!

What Do You Wear to a Western Dance?

Whether you’re planning a trip to an authentic western bar or you’ve received an invite to a western-themed party, you’ll want to make sure that you look the part! Luckily the cowboy or cowgirl look is easy to pull together, so selecting the right outfit for a western dance should be a doddle!

For men, the choice of outfits is very simple. All you need is a smart pair of jeans, heeled boots, and a cowboy-style shirt. Accessories such as cowboy hats are not essential, but add a bit of glamor to the outfit.

Ladies can either wear jeans or skirts, both of which can be paired with mid-length boots. Wear a comfortable, loose-fitting top that will not get too hot as your partner spins you around the dance floor! Fun accessories for a cowgirl outfit include a cowboy hat and checkered neck scarf.

Best Country Western Dance Boots- Conclusion

We love all of the boots mentioned here, so choosing our favorite is tough! However, if we have to choose an overall winner, we’d pick the Soto Boots Turquoise Rose Country Cowgirl Boots. In particular, the brown with turquoise rose inlays.

These boots are not only pretty, but they also have a nice vintage look. They have leather soles that let you get the most out of your line dancing experiences. We think these are the best-looking line dancing boots we’ve covered here.

Of the men’s western boots covered here, our favorites are the Ariat Men’s Mesteno Western Cowboy Boot. These boots come in fun color styles, have leather soles suitable for line dancing, and have a comfortable fit.

The best boots for line dancing come in a range of prices. You don’t need to break the bank to find stylish boots to show off your skills in.