Wearing Cowboy Boots To A Wedding – The Essentials

If you’re looking for the perfect excuse for wearing cowboy boots to a wedding, a rustic, country western, or equestrian theme celebration fits the bill. Traditional weddings require formal attire, but many people now have a more relaxed big day. If you’re unsure you should wear cowboy boots and what to wear them with, if you do, our guide will help you find the answer.

When Cowboy Boots Are Appropriate for a Wedding

Not every wedding is the right place to show off cowboy boots. If you walk into a black-tie event, you probably will get some funny looks. Before deciding what shoes to wear as a guest, inquire about the theme of the day.

Rustic Weddings

Rustic weddings are increasingly popular. Country barns converted to wedding venues provide a vintage and relaxed environment. Instead of roses, flower arrangements are likely to consist of whimsical displays of wildflowers. Tables will have a country, reclaimed chic feel.

Rustic Weddings

Equestrian Themed

Another appropriate wedding for cowboy boots is one with an equestrian theme. Horseshoes, hay bales, and saddles are likely to feature in the decor. A western theme is the perfect type of wedding to show off your new cowboy boots without attracting strange looks, you’ll fit right in!

Outdoor Weddings

An outdoor wedding is sometimes a suitable venue for wearing cowboy boots. If the theme isn’t too formal, you can escape wearing high heels or dress shoes. Heels get stuck in the grass, and dress shoes are bound to take a beating on uneven, potentially wet ground.

What Style of Dress Can You Wear

For women attending a wedding as a guest, the dress you wear is extremely important. You want to look your best without taking attention away from the bride. What type of dress works best with cowboy boots for an adorable look?

Short dresses look the best with boots. Look for a dress with a knee-length or mid-calf hemline. Avoid a hem that is too tailored looking, and go for an uneven finish, known as a handkerchief, or pick a v-shape, which is shorter on the sides than the back and front. Focusing on a specific color isn’t necessary. Choose a color that you love or one that is relevant to the time of year. A lace dress or one with a western feel compliments cowboy boots perfectly.

What Style of Dress Can You Wear

What Should Men Wear?

It’s not only women that can get in on the fun of wearing cowboy boots to a wedding. Cowboy boots work well with a suit or slacks. They look great with jeans if the wedding theme is casual enough to go with this look.

Men’s cowboy boots come with different toe styles. The most popular toe style is the tapered R toe, which looks great with a suit. The rounded roper toe and square toe are good choices for wearing with slacks or jeans.

Heel height is another feather to consider for men’s cowboy boots. More casual styles usually have 1 ½ half inches. If you want a dressier cowboy boot that looks well with a suit, consider 2-inch heels.

Why Wearing Cowboy Boots is a Good Choice

Comfort is the number one reason to wear cowboy boots to a wedding. During the event, you will spend a lot of time on your feet, especially if you like to hit the dance floor. A wedding that is suitable for cowboy boots will probably be in a countryside environment with uneven surfaces to navigate.

Why Wearing Cowboy Boots is a Good Choice

What Type of Cowboy Boots Are Best

The popularity of cowboy boots means you will be spoilt for choice. They come in every color imaginable and with a variety of patterns. Choose a color that matches your dress; earthy brown-toned leather works well.

Just avoid white for fear of offending the bride. Boots embellished with horseshoes or flowers accent a plain colored dress. Mid-calf height cowboy boots work well with a knee-length hemline dress.

What Brand of Boots Are Suitable for Weddings

  • Dressier boots are the way to go. Well, polished leather looks great with a dress or a tailored suit. You can show off your personal style with the type of leather and embellishments.
  • Justin Brands has been making cowboy boots since 1879. They make every style you can think of. For a wedding, take a look at their dress’ boots.
  • Another legendary cowboy boot maker to consider is Lucchese. Lucchese has been making boots since 1883. Their quality standards reflect renowned Italian shoemakers, and they offer a great custom-made service.
  • Corral came on the scene much more recently, 1999 to be exact. Their high-end boots aren’t for working on the ranch. Corral cowboy boots are statement boots, making them ideal for wearing to a wedding.

Lucchese Women’s Handmade Eggshell Vanessa Cowgirl Boot Round Toe

How Much Do Cowboy Boots Cost

Cowboy boot prices vary greatly. You can pick up a decent pair of boots for under a hundred dollars if you’re budget-conscious. If you really want to make a statement expect to pay at least five hundred dollars.

If cost is no issue, plan ahead and order a custom pair of cowboy boots. Even off-the-shelf boots can cost thousands of dollars. Lucchese offers a luxurious, refined boot that costs over twelve thousand dollars!

Breaking in Cowboy Boots

Don’t wait until the day of the wedding to put your cowboy boots on for the first time. This is asking for trouble and sore feet, even if you bought customer boots. There are a few steps to follow to make sure your boots provide you with uncomplaining comfort.

Hold the boot in your hand and flex the sole repeatedly, mimicking the way the boot moves when you’re walking. Follow this by pushing your thumb into the leather around the heel area. Then stick your hand inside the boot and push the side seems outward, particularly in the ankle area.


Wearing cowboy boots to a wedding is a fun way to express your personal style. Before deciding on this footwear, make sure it will fit in with the theme of the wedding. You don’t want to draw unwanted attention or upset the bride by turning up improperly dressed. 

Choose the style of cowboy boots based on how formal or casual the wedding will be. Don’t forget to order your boots well in advance, so you have enough time to break them in.

If you have any questions, pop them in the comments below.

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