How To Put Stirrups On A Western Saddle

Do you want to learn how to put stirrups on a western saddle? Even if you’re new to western tack, setting up your saddle is easier than it looks. Here we will describe and show you exactly what to do, and you’ll be a pro at it in no time!

Can You Put Any Type Of Stirrups On A Western Saddle?

The quick answer to this question is no. Use only western stirrups on a western saddle. Even if you think a different type of stirrup will do, it is compromising your riding and safety. 

Western saddles have wide stirrup leather, much wider than you see on an English saddle. These stirrup leathers are called fenders. The bottom part of the fender goes around the top of the stirrup, while the top attaches to the bar under the seat jockey.

The seat jockey is a piece of leather found attached to the saddle’s seat, towards the front. This protects the rider’s legs from the fenders. What western stirrups you use is down to personal preference.

Can You Put Any Type Of Stirrups On A Western Saddle

What You Need

  • Western saddle
  • A pair of Fenders
  • A pair of western stirrups

How To Put Stirrups On A Western Saddle

Now that you have the necessary equipment, let’s take a look at how to put the stirrups on and adjust them.

1. Put The Fenders On The Saddle

You may not have to put the fenders on the saddle as most western saddles come with them already attached. However, it is good to know how to attach the fenders if you ever want to replace the ones you have. Assuming you want to replace the current fenders, the first step is to unbuckle the stirrup leather and slide the stirrup off. 

Holding the fender at the end that contains the buckle, pull it down and away from the saddle. You will see that the fender slides out from under the jockey skirt. Next, take the stirrup keeper and Blevins off of the new fenders.

Push the new fender over the stirrup bar, located under the jockey skirt. Tip the saddle up so you can see its underside. Pull the fender through from under the saddle.

Push the fender back to the outside of the saddle, moving it under the stirrup bar. Next, pull the leather out until it is tight with the wide stirrup flaps.

CHALLENGER Horse Western Leather Replacement Saddle Fenders Pair

2. Attach The Stirrups To The Fenders

First, if they are removed, put the Blevins on the fenders. To do this, simply slide the Blevin over the stirrup leather. Next, loop the leather through the stirrup at the top.

This is the narrower part of the stirrup that contains a bar. When looping the stirrup leather through the stirrup, the side with the metal posts faces the saddle. Push the bars through your desire holes.

Slide the Blevin down, securing the metal posts in place.

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How To Adjust Western Saddle Stirrups

Stirrup length is one of the most important elements that affect your riding. The length of the stirrup needs adjusting in line with how long your legs are and the riding activity you want to do. Where you place your stirrups on your western saddle can have a positive or negative effect on your riding.

One study, using adjustable stirrup bars, found that placement, particularly with an experienced rider not only changed the rider’s position but also changed where the forces of the rider fell on the horse’s back. This rider found forward placement more comfortable and rode in a better position. While a less experienced rider wasn’t affected by stirrup placement.

Don’t worry if your saddle doesn’t have adjustable stirrup bars. The main goal is the correct adjustment for you. Initially, you may find adjusting western stirrups tricky, but you will quickly get the hang of it.

Follow These Steps To Adjust Your Stirrups If They Have Blevin Buckles

1. Hold the stirrup in one hand.

2. Pull the metal slide, which is sometimes covered with leather away from the stirrup towards the saddle. Doing this exposes the posts that fit into the stirrup leather holes. 

3. Pull the metal posts out of the holes and move them up if you want to shorten your stirrups or down if you want to lengthen them.

4. Remember how many holes you moved the posts.

5. Pull the metal slide back down over the posts. This will lock them into place.

6. If your stirrups have a stirrup keeper put this back in place.

7. Follow the same steps on the opposite stirrup, remembering what hole the posts went through, so your stirrups are even.

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Tips On How To Put Stirrups On A Western Saddle

  • Use matching pairs of western stirrups and fenders. In order words, buy a set. This ensures they are of the same style and type. Using a mismatched pair could affect your balance and evenness in the saddle.
  • The stirrup keeper, sometimes called a stirrup hobble, helps turn the stirrups to a 90-degree angle. This makes getting your feet into the stirrups easier and relieves knee pressure while riding.
  • Fenders take a lot of stress. Regularly check them entirely, looking for weakness. If you think they are starting to look worn, it is safest to replace them.
Tips On How To Put Stirrups On A Western Saddle


We hope this tutorial made the task of putting stirrups on a western saddle less daunting. Correctly attaching your stirrups and ensuring they are even is essential to good and safe horse riding. If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

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