Top 6 Most Expensive Horse Trailers

Last Updated on January 9, 2022

Horse trailers are an essential part of any equine owner’s life. Here is an inside look at the most expensive and luxurious horse trailers available.

Types of Luxury Horse Trailers

It’s no secret that horse owners will try to spare no expense for their animals. You may be driving an old broken-down car, but the trailer for your horses must be nothing but the best!

Gooseneck horse trailers are by far the most expensive option for your equine friends. These large trailers provide room for three (or more!) horses and extra storage space for tack and hay. They also have an overhang that covers the bed of the truck, providing additional space. In addition to all the extra room, these are the most stable and the safest trailers available to drive.

In addition to top amenities for the horses, many owners also look into luxury horse trailers for themselves. These are called living quarters horse trailers. The exterior of these trailers is similar to the gooseneck trailers. However, they include a living area for the owners, much like a motorhome, as well as electric and indoor plumbing. Nothing beats comfortable living right next to your horses and the availability to check on them often during overnight trips.

Most of these trailers are customizable to fit your needs. Many have additions and space for the whole family to enjoy, making them a comfortable home away from home for both you and your horses. Who of us couldn’t use a nice night of sleep with all the stress of transporting horses?

Most Expensive Horse Trailers

There are many budget-friendly options of horse trailers available. However, here are the top, most expensive horse trailers.

1. The Million Dollar Horse Trailer

Topping our list of most expensive horse trailers is the 2022 Bloomer Trailer from Wheeler’s Trailers. This is a custom trailer that goes for $999,999.

Three horses can fit inside this 31-foot trailer, as well as having an additional space for a tack room in the back. The living quarters boast a couch, permanent table and seats, and bed. The kitchen includes a sink, stovetop, and microwave. There is plenty of storage and closet space. The bathroom also had a full shower, a sink, and a toilet.

This trailer is also 8-feet wide and has a slant load for the horses. While there certainly are cheaper options of luxury trailers available, the craftsmanship of this trailer sets it above the competition.

2. Country Estate Villa Trailer

This luxury trailer from Featherlite is 53 feet long, and more than half of it is dedicated to the living quarters. There are also four slide-outs providing a wider amount of space. You might as well be right at home in this trailer!

In addition to all the normal amenities of a live-in trailer, the Country Estate Villa trailer includes an electric fireplace, copper sinks, a flat screen, a radio, and a fridge. There is plenty of seating with the large couches and dining area.

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3. Country Estate Ranch Trailer

While the Villa trailer’s focus may be on the living quarters, the Country Estate Ranch trailer has the most luxurious options for the horses. In addition to the living quarters the whole family can enjoy, the stalls have heavily padded flooring that the horses will appreciate as well. There are water tanks with their own drain valves, so your horse has access to fresh water at all times. No more carrying heavy buckets of water around at night! Electric fans in the stall bays also keep your horse from overheating and help him stay happy.

And if you still have any additional concerns about how your horses are doing, you can keep an eye on them with the closed-circuit video cameras in the stable area. This trailer certainly is a great option for those wanting the best for their equine friends!

4. Norstar Cimmaron Horse Trailer

This brand of gooseneck trailer is one of the top-rated companies. These trailers can be customized to carry 2-8 horses. They include insulated ceilings, drop-down feed doors, double rear doors with a window, and lighting throughout the whole trailer. The Norstar also has two tie rings per stall on the interior and exterior of the trailer. This makes things more convenient and ensures everyone stays safe.

You can even customize the exterior and colors of the trailer and make upgrades, including adding a hay room. This trailer goes for around $225,000, depending on how many upgrades are added.

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5. Lakota 2022 Bighorn Trailer

This trailer is loaded with custom options making it one of the most unique trailer options out there.

This is a four-horse-side load trailer. The most unique option of this trailer is adding in a washer and dryer. Imagine being able to do laundry while you are on the road!

People also enjoy using the outdoor TV option that the trailer offers as. There is extra storage in the tack area as well, and fans can be added to the stall area to keep your horse cool.

The living quarters range from 7-9 feet and boast a 14 seat area with plenty of storage and a full kitchen.

6. 2017 Platinum Coach Outlaw Horse Trailer

As a slightly more affordable option at only $98,857, this trailer still offers a comfortable space for all inside. This is a 35-feet long trailer that fits five horses. With a bunk bed option, the living quarters are actually able to sleep four guests, and everyone will enjoy the air conditioning that’s included.

Each horse stall had a side window, and there is a generous amount of space in the back for the tack room.

Newer versions of this trailer have been made available since 2017, but this trailer still stands out in the competition as a great option of a luxury trailer everyone can enjoy.

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Priciest Horse Trailers Available

The care of our horse is always the number one priority of any equine owner. These trailers are unusually expensive and out of the average person’s budget. However, they provide the finest in keeping our horses happy and comfortable during travel. And enjoying the luxury living quarters that provide relaxation for us owners doesn’t hurt either!