Best Pony Blankets For Winter

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Last Updated on February 9, 2022

Winter is finally here, and your pony needs to stay warm! Here are our picks for the best pony blankets for winter this year.

Should You Blanket Your Pony

There are several things to consider when choosing to put blankets on your horse or pony.

It is important to remember that while you may be cold, your pony is built to live outside 24 hours a day! So while you may need a few extra layers, your horse is actually comfortable at much lower temperatures than you would expect.

There are also several things you can choose to do to keep your pony warm before you begin to blanket them.

Making sure your pony has shelter very important. Many horses have a stall they are brought back into for the night or severe weather. This provides a cozy place for your horse to rest, and likely he has other horses in stalls close by that will provide extra body heat.

If your pony lives outside 24/7, it’s essential that he has some kind of three-side shed for shelter. This will provide a place out of the elements where he can stay safe, dry, and warm.

Horses can also stay warmer if they are given extra water and hay.

Horses gain energy from eating hay and drinking water. They are able to burn this energy internally, and this keeps them warm. This explains why your hay bill may go up in the winter! Providing your horse with extra hay and water in cooler months will help him stay warm.

Horses also grow an excellent thick winter coat. Especially if your pony has lived years in a harsh climate, his body will be acclimated to growing a tough enough coat to keep him warm. Their coat is even designed to be water-resistant, meaning light snow will sit on top of the hair, and they will still stay dry underneath!

Over blanketing your pony can cause more problems than solutions. Horses that are over blanketed can sweat and then get chilled when they are wet, and temperatures drop even lower. It is also dangerous for a horse’s temperature to get too high even when the temperature is higher.

Make sure you work closely with your vet or trainer to ensure your pony is ready to be blanketed and that you are using the appropriate equipment.


When To Start Blanketing Your Pony

Here are some situations where it is absolutely appropriate to start putting blankets on your pony.

As mentioned, horses grow a very heavy, thick coat that keeps them cozy. There are extreme temperatures that may call for a little extra help from us though. Each horse is different, but here is a general guide for blanketing unclipped horses:

  • 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit- light blanket
  • 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit- medium blanket
  • 20 degrees and below- heavy blanket

Many riders choose to clip their horses in the winter. This helps horses who are in heavy work to not become overheated and sweaty during cold temperatures. Here is a general guide for blanketing clipped horses:

  • 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit- light blanket
  • 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit- medium blanket
  • 30 degrees and below- heavy blanket

Different factors may affect these suggestions. A horse that is used to a much warmer climate may need heavier blankets at warmer temperatures to adjust. Extremely old or young horses also have a harder time regulating their temperatures and may need additional help.

While snow doesn’t affect horses much, heavy or freezing rain could also make a horse chilled. It’s important to put blankets on dry horses before severe weather comes. Putting blankets over already wet horses traps the wet hair and doesn’t allow it to dry, causing the horse to get chilled.

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pony blankets for winter

Best Pony Winter Blankets

Now that you’ve decided when to start blanketing your horse for winter take a look at our top picks for the best pony winter blankets.

1. TuffRider 1200D Ripstop 220 GMS Polyfill Pony Horse Print Standard Neck Two Tone Turnout Blanket

This blanket is an excellent option for keeping your pony warm this winter. A combination of strong fabrics, including ripstop fabric and poly lining, keep this blanket very durable in harsh winter months. It also has a reflective trim lining so your horse can be easily spotted. Memory foam covers the whither area, keeping this blanket comfy. And the modern unicorn pattern brings some fun to your barn!

2. AJ Tack Wholesale 1200D Waterproof Pony Turnout Blanket

This two-toned medium-weight turnout blanket is a great choice for your pony. Reviews said it stayed intact with no tears after a full year of use. It has a 300g polyfill insulation and has removable elastic leg straps.

3. Showman Adjustable 56″-62″ 1200 Denier Winter Pony/Yearling

This popular brand has come out with a quality blanket for your pony. This blanket is contoured to fit your horse nicely, is waterproof, and comes in many colors ranging from teal to red.

Best Minature Horse Winter Blankets

We can’t forget about our smaller friends! Here are our top picks for the best mini horse blankets.

1. Tough 1 600D Waterproof Poly Miniature Turnout Blanket

This medium, waterproof blanket is a strong candidate for top mini horse blankets. The poly lining helps prevent rubbing and keeps your horse clean under their blanket. It is also made out of breathable material which helps your horse stay warm without sweating. This blanket also has heavy nylon binding, a double front enclosure and comes in several colors so you can find the perfect fit for you.

2. Derby Originals Classic 600D Medium Weight Winter Mini Horse Pony Turnout Blanket 200g

This mini blanket is designed with your pony’s comfort in mind. Designed in the US, this blanket is comfortable for both indoor and outdoor use. It also has a durable triple-layer design that makes it stand up in group turnout situations.

Finding The Best Pony Blanket For Winter

With this guide and the help of your vet or trainer,  you can make the best decisions for how to properly blanket your pony for the winter. Then everyone can stay safe, warm, and enjoy the cooler weather!

Ripstop Waterproof Mini/Pony Turnout Blanket

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