Which is the Calmest Horse Breed for Beginners?

For those who are just getting into horseback riding, it can take some time to feel confident with your equine partner. Being a beginner equestrian can be scary at times, but having the right mount can help boost your confidence. Lets talk about the calmest horse breeds.


Which is the Calmest Horse Breeds for Beginners?

Though every horse has its own unique personality, some horse breeds are known for their calm disposition. These breeds are ideal for beginner riders.

Quarter horses are one of the most popular breeds of horses. They stand out in western divisions along with english divisions, thus making them great working horses. Also, they are known for their easy-going temperament...

The Quarter Horse

Types of Calmest Horse Breeds

 The Appaloosa Horse  - Tennessee Walking Horse

The Appaloosa Horse

Appaloosa horses are known for their striking coats and easy-going personalities. They are kind and gentle, allowing them to be ideal horses for beginners.

Tennessee Walking Horse

The Tennessee Walking Horse is a gaited breed that is known for its friendly personality because they excel in the show ring and out on the trails. They are popular in saddle seat...

Why Do You Need to Consider Riding The Calmest Horse Breeds If You Are a Beginner?

To help boost your confidence when learning to ride, riding a calm horse makes a big difference because riding a calmer breed of horse is safer and more reliable. However, it is important to keep in mind that even the safest of horses can still spook and act out.