9 Best Anime Horse Names

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Last Updated on January 12, 2023

Anime has fans around the world and is beloved for its colorful and bold style in storytelling. Here are some creative anime horse names that you may want to use around your own barn.

What Is Anime

Put simply, anime is animation originating in Japan. In fact, ‘anime’ is the Japanese word for ‘animated cartoon.’ It can also include cartoons that follow the traditional Japanese style of animation but were created in different parts of the world. This style includes dramatic facial expressions, lively action, and vibrant colors.

Anime, as we know it today, started to develop in the 60s and has been growing in popularity in the US ever since. Another boost in anime popularity came in the 90s as cable television became more available and cartoons were introduced into almost every home.

While many assume anime is a cartoon for children, most anime viewers in the US are adults. Anime characters are also the most popular choices for the cosplay community.

Horses In Anime

Topics in anime can include horror, romance, fantasy, and yes, horses.

Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon) is a popular anime that is based on farm life and farm animals. The main character Yuugo Hachike is a student who enrolls in an agricultural school to escape the pressures of family stress. He then learns to take care of farm and livestock chores (including caring for horses!) and learns about a more fulfilling life.

Walkure Romanze is another popular amine that features horses. This story takes place at an academy where students learn how to become knights, ride horses, and joust. Takahiro Mizuno, the main character, becomes popular for his animal handling and jousting skills, but an accident leads him to be paired up with his friend who had no jousting experience. He becomes her teacher as she prepares for a jousting competition.

There are also many other half-horse and horse-like characters throughout anime shows.

9 Best Anime Horse Names

Here are the 9 best anime horse names for you to use.

1. Rapidash

Rapidash is a fire-horse pokemon from the popular Pokemon series. This Pokemon is cream-colored and has red and yellow flames for its mane and tail. This may be a good name for a competitive horse, as Rapidash is known for being quick and fearless.


2. Marengo

Marengo is the name of a horse in the Walkure Romanze series. Known for her devious personality, Marengo is a bay mare and is very popular in the series.

3. Naruto

While not a horse character in anime, Naturo is one of the most popular anime characters of all time and would make a great name for a horse. This anime follows the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja with a great amount of power. He is known as one of the strongest characters in all anime. The Naturo manga (Japanese word for comic book) is the fourth-highest ever sold, and the tv series has been immensely popular too.

4. Maron

Another horse character, Maron is from the Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon) series. Maron is a temperamental ex-racehorse that lives under the care of the school and equestrian center. Maron is one of the bravest horses in Gin no Saji, known for holding eye contact and being faster than any of the other horses. Maron’s racing career humorously ended when he turned his head to look directly into the camera at the finish line, losing the race ‘by a nose’.

5. Pikachu

No doubt you are familiar with the character Pikachu from the Pokemon series. This pokemon has been with the main character, Ash, for the entirety of the series and has become a household name. Pikachu is a yellow mouse-like character, who uses electric powers to fight and is known for his speed and loyalty to Ash.

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6. Ash

If you are looking for a more subtle name that still is a shout-out to anime, Ash may be a good option. As the main character in Pokemon, Ash begins the series as a 10-year-old boy who just became a Pokemon trainer. Ash and his first Pokemon, Pikachu, go throughout the series together, gaining and battling other Pokemon. He is also an easily identified character and many people choose to dress up as him for cosplay.

7. Fuunsaiki – Anime Horse Names

Going back to equine characters,  Fuunsaiki is a character from Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Fuunsaiki eventually becomes the main character’s horse as they battle to see which futuristic earth colony will rule over them all.

8. Scuderia (Cavallo Alato)

Scuderia, which means ‘stable’ in Italian, is the nickname for Cavallo Alato, a horse in the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series. Scuderia is classified as an animal-type box weapon owned by Dino in the anime. Known for its high speeds, Scuderia also uses leg kicking and biting to fight. While this may seem like familiar traits of horses we know, this anime character also uses its wings made of flames to slice everything in its path.

9. Marshmallow and Kuro

This is actually a two-in-one name, as it’s based on two beloved cats in the Suki-tte Ii na yo series. Maybe your horse has a buddy or sibling, and it’s nice to give them names that are related to each other. While these cats have no special powers, they are instrumental to the plot of the show and help the characters seem more vulnerable and human. The main characters take care of the two cats, showing how the characters were lonely and seemed cold at first, but actually were very caring. In time, the two main characters become a couple and grow closer by caring for the cats together. This is a great reminder of how animals bring out the warm side to us all and can bring people together.

Marshmallow and Kuro

Anime And Horses

While it seems like these two things are an unlikely combination, there are many crossovers in the horse and anime worlds. Fans of both are sure to enjoy finding horse characters in the animated world and finding Anime names for horses in barns around them.

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