Best Comfortable Summer Horseback Riding Wear

Our experiences riding can be entirely dictated by the weather, and summer weather is no exception! Riding in the summer can be fantastic; no snow, rain, or storms to worry about.  But, unfortunately, the summer can bring extreme heat. So, what to wear horseback riding? Though heat won’t stop us from riding, we can take steps to ensure that we stay more comfortable during summer weather.

The most important step we can take is in knowing what to wear when horseback riding in the summer.  With cooling technologies and ventilation, equestrian brands have made tops, breeches, helmets, gloves, and other riding accessories more suitable for riding in extreme heat.

What to Wear Horseback Riding Summer Vacations

1. Tops

It’s tempting to wear tank-tops in the summer to stay cool, but there are many better and safer options when it comes to summer riding tops! It’s important to keep your chest, back, shoulders, and even arms covered not only in the case of a fall or accident but also to protect them from sunburns.  A popular style of shirt that does this, while keeping you cool, is the sun-shirt. Typically, these shirts are a long-sleeved quarter-zip with sweat-wicking or ventilation technology. My favorite sun-shirts are made by Ariat and The Tailored Sportsman. Their shirts will keep you cool, allow full range of motion, and protect you from getting sunburnt! They also come in some pretty fun colors.

2. Breeches

There isn’t as much variety in breeches as there is in tops when it comes to summer riding products.  The most important characteristics to think of in riding breeches for the summer are breathability, thickness, and resistance to water.  My favorite breech brand to wear during the summer is Romfh. Romfh breeches are breathable, comfortable, and waterproof! When I bathe my horse, I don’t have to worry about water stains lasting on my breeches; they’ll be gone within minutes. The breathable material keeps me cool in hot weather and comfortable for long periods of time. Romfh breeches are also thin enough to keep you cool in the summer, but thick enough to protect your legs from leather friction.  They are the perfect combination of comfort and practicality, and come in many colors and sizes!

What to Wear Horseback Riding Summer Vacations

3. Helmets

Helmet choice is equally important when it comes to staying cool in the summer heat.  Any helmet with ventilation will at least be helpful, so long as it meets safety standards.  Some popular vented helmet brands include Samshield, GPA, and Kask. All three of these brands make helmets with built-in ventilation systems designed to keep your head cool.

Essentials: What to Wear Horseback Riding

Of course, you are still going to sweat; but, with the ventilation systems, your head will get fresh air flowing in and out of the helmet, which will at least make you sweat less.  It will also keep the helmet liner cleaner, as it will dry more quickly after you have sweated in it. Samshield, GPA, One K and Kask offer a variety of different helmets for different head sizes and shapes.  They also offer options to customize your helmet in different colors and designs.

4. Gloves

Selecting a riding glove for summer can be just as important as selecting a top or breeches. And increasing ventilation to your hands can decrease the likelihood of blistering, rubs from sweat, and overall discomfort.

I have two personal favorites when it comes to summer riding gloves.  First, are the Rockel Summer Chester Gloves. In general, Rockel gloves are unmatched in quality, fit, and comfort.  The Summer Chester gloves, in particular, have technology specifically designed to keep you comfortable in extreme heat.  They have mesh-backs, which allow for airflow into the back of the hand while including reinforcements in the fingers and palm area to allow for adequate grip on the reins.  Additionally, the Summer Chester glove can be used with the use of a machine!

My second favorite summer riding glove is the SSG Crochet Horseshoe gloves.  Similar to the mesh backs on the Summer Chester, the Lycrochet has a crocheted back, which allows for air-flow into the hand.  The palm and fingers of the Lycrochet are made of pigskin, to allow for a stronger grip on the reins. Both gloves have technologies that will keep you cool in the summer, while also giving you the reinforcement you need to ride comfortably.

Essentials: What to Wear Horseback Riding

Accessories: What to Wear Horseback Riding

Other than the basic articles on clothing, there are also hot weather accessories which are made to keep you cool in the summer. A relatively new company, the Heated Horse, makes products, especially for extreme weather riding.

Their new cooling towel is designed to cool the riders entire body, starting from the neck. After soaking it in water, the towel is designed to be worn around the neck, succinctly cooling the rest of the body. 

One of the greatest advantages of using the Heated Horse cooling towel is that it will cool down, no matter what temperature of water you use! Even if you immerse the towel in hot water, after sometimes, with the way it was made,  the towel will automatically return to having a cool temperature. The technology in this product is amazing and, even better, it can be washed with the use of a machine!

Other options for a cooling towel here.


Staying cool in the summer heat can be a difficult task, even more, difficult when you spend your summer days riding. Staying comfortable when I ride is a priority for me because I always want to give my horse the best ride possible. I hope this article about what to wear horseback riding in the summer, gave you an insight on some helpful products that will help keep you comfortable in the saddle


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