How Much Does An Arabian Horse Cost?

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Have you ever wondered how much does an Arabian horse cost? And did you know that the price can vary between $500 and $155,000? Typically between $5000 – $10000, if you are considering buying one of these beautiful horses you should take into account many factors. This is vital before determining what a fair cost of an Arabian horse should be. As a versatile breed, you can be sure to find an Arabian horse. A horse that can fulfill your needs at a price point that is right for you.

General Information on Arabian Horses

The History of Arabian Horses

Arabian horses are known for their beauty and strength. According to the Arabian Horse Association Arabians were domesticated to serve as war horses for the Bedouin. A nomadic Arab group. Due to the limited resources in the desert, breeding practices were very selective. It was closely monitored to maintain the large lung capacity and endurance which made them an asset during raids in the dessert.

General Information on Arabian Horses - Arabian Horse Cost Information

Characteristics of Arabian Horses

Because of their history of being highly skilled and well breed horses, modern Arabian horses can fulfill a variety of needs for their owners. These horses have high intelligence, mastering endurance, and performing with balance and skilled footwork. Arabian’s can excel in both English and western events. Additionally, because of their historically close bonds with their owners, they can be the perfect, loyal, family horse.

Arabian Horse Price

In the current market, the price of an Arabian horse aged 7 -12 with a traceable lineage. And consistent training will sell between $5000 – $10,000. A strong bloodline and a high level of training will increase the price of the horse while older or younger horses with weak bloodlines or no papers will be at a lower price point. Black Arabian horses and horses from historic bloodlines will sell at the highest prices.

How Much Does An Arabian Horse Cost? Arabian Horse Price Information.

Ongoing Costs

After purchasing an Arabian horse, there will be additional cost to ensure your horse is being well cared for. Sand Dancers Arabians, a full-service Arabian horse breeding and training facility, has great information on the ongoing costs of owning an Arabian horse. They mention the following as the main additional costs.

  •       Boarding
  •       Feed
  •       Insurance
  •       Training
  •       Veterinary costs

What Affects the Cost of an Arabian Horse?

  •   Age
  •   Lineage
  •   Conformation
  •   Color
  •   Full breed or Half breed
  •   Option to lease or part-own

You can check out Prince of Price, a pet cost site associated with the World Pet Association to find out more about the factors that affect the cost of an Arabian horse.

Should You Purchase an Arabian Horse?

With such a wide price range, think about what is important to you and how you are planning to use your horse. If you are looking for an Arabian in its prime to use in the show ring or an established bloodline to begin breeding, you can expect to spend in the higher range. If you are content with an older horse that will be loyal and affectionate with your family, there are many horses in the lower price range that will fit your needs.

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