3 Best Roping Saddles On The Market

Last Updated on December 27, 2022

Deciding on which are the best roping saddles to purchase comes with far more things to consider than purchasing a trail or pleasure saddle. The amount of pressure, jerking, and pulling that a roping saddle goes through on a day-to-day basis means it needs to be strong, sturdy, and tough if it is going to last. Quality saddles will remain intact under all of the ware and tare ropings put on them, while saddles of lesser quality will not hold up. Seems will come apart, leather will split, horns have been known to pop off, and the saddle tree can shatter, crack, and even split. So take time to find the best quality saddle that fits within your budget.

Choosing the Best Roping Saddles

Roping steers and calves on the ranch happens daily for most cowboys. Roping puts a lot of stress and wear and tear on equipment. The best roping saddles on the market are made of high-quality suede or rough-out leather, have tall thick horns, often covered with rubber, full double riggings, and rope straps.


The best roping saddles will be very strong and will hold up to the strong jerks and pulls of roped livestock.  Roping saddles are much heavier than other western saddles. The heavyweight, proper seat shape to keep the rider in the saddle, and oxbow stirrups essential pieces that make the best roping saddles. The best roping saddles will last a long time, so pick a quality made saddle that is more expensive over one that is average and priced lower.

Choosing the Best Roping Saddles

If you don’t struggle a little bit when you’re throwing the saddle on your horse, you can bet it’s far too light to be strong enough for this job. A solid saddle is mandatory for roping, and that means the saddle will weigh it. The tree is far more durable than those of other saddles, leather is thicker, and the horn is tall wide, and reinforced with leather and sometimes rubber is even added to it. So don’t fall for any roping saddle that is not a bit heavy.

Other Things to Look Out for

Take a good look at where the fenders attach to the tree, you want to make sure they are centered straight down from the seat so you have the ideal seat and leg position. Fenders that a too far forward or too far back will make it hard for you to balance in the saddle and stay centered in the saddle and over your horses.

Remember to take a good look at the riggings for the cinch and back cinch.  Make sure the front rigging is set so the cinch will fall just behind the shoulder. When it is placed more forward, closer to the front of the skirt you run the chance of pinching the shoulder and limiting the horse’s movement. The rigging for the back cinch should be set in the center of the skirt that is behind the fender and the back corner of the saddle skirt. The back cinch should go under the back portion of the horse’s belly, and should not be set too far back that it can come into contact with the flanks. For safety don’t forget to attach the front and back cinch so (the back of the front cinch and the front of the back cinch) so they stay together.

Break-In a Quality Roping Saddle

Another important thing to remember is that sometimes the best saddles take time to break in.  Going for the saddle that is already soft and supple might be more comfortable to start with but it may also be far more expensive. Leather that is thicker and not yet as pliable as you would like, with time will break in and you can get the leather feel we all know and love. With some saddle soap and leather conditioner, you can get that same supple leather in a few weeks and you will save a few hundred dollars on your purchase.

Break-In a Quality Roping Saddle

Purchasing a roping saddle is different than purchasing other saddles. This is an event-specific saddle. Although roping saddles can be used for other styles of riding, the primary purpose is to be used for roping. The horn, cantle, seat shape, leather type, and other things will be much different than those found on other western saddles.

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Top Picks for the Best Roping Saddles

#1 NRS Competitor Series 7/8 Breed Team Roping Saddle

This is a great choice if you want a quality saddle that is budget-friendly. Constructed with a sturdy rawhide-covered wood tree, this saddle will withstand the hard jerks and pull when roping livestock. The seat on this saddle is designed with a deep-set pocket to help keep the roper centered when leaving the box and offer them additional balance. This will give the rider a solid advantage during competition.

Handcrafted to offer the most comfortable saddle for the horse with full quarter horse bars for freedom of movement and comfort during hard turns and fast starts and stops. This saddle is not designed only for the comfort of the rider but for the horse as well. If the saddle is not the proper fit your horse will not perform as well as expected. So fitting the saddle to the horse is a top priority with this maker.


  • Hand Crafted offering superior comfort.
  • Designed specifically for ropers.
  • Five-year warranty on tree and other hardware.


  • Takes a while to break in.
  • Horn needs to be wider so it won’t break when jerked on
  • Stirrups are difficult to remove feet from quickly.

#2 HILASON 16 Western Horse Roping Saddle

The Ranch Roping Cowboy Saddle by Hilason is made with high-quality genuine leather. This saddle is made for hard work. The saddle is created with an extra-strong tree designed to stand up to daily ranch work and the impact that saddles take when being used for roping calves and livestock.

The tree for this saddle is designed to last under the added pressure created by roping. The double rawhide-wrapped tree is one of the strongest on the market. Hilason roping saddle comes with a five-year warranty against damages that reduce the structural soundness of the tree.

The rough-out leather seat and 4.5-inch cantle are designed to help keep the rider centered in the saddle and reduce slipping and sliding around. A 7-inch gullet and full quarter horse bars will fit a variety of horses so you won’t be left with a saddle that only fits one horse. This saddle is well made and also comes with a price that many will be able to fit into their budget.


  • Fantastic fit for both horse and rider.
  • Wonderful quality and affordable price.
  • Very comfortable for long days in the saddle.


  • Some of the screws came out, they were not the proper screws to use for saddle making.
  • Not all leather is tanned the same so the color was not the same throughout the entire saddle.
  • Seat sizing runs small.


#3 Royal King Texas Roper Saddle

Royal King Texas Roper Saddle is perfect for working on the ranch or taking a ride out on the trail. This saddle is built on a heavy-duty tree that is backed with a five-year warranty. A 4-inch rawhide cantle and padded suede seat offer the rider extra security in the saddle. An extra-durable latigo wrap has been added to the horn to give a slicker surface to optimize dally control.  Stainless steel fittings are used to eliminate the possibility of rust and are used to ensure the saddle is held together securely. Full quarter horse bars with an 8-inch gullet make this saddle a great fit for many different horses.

You can bet that will be fully satisfied with how well this saddle holds up to hard use as well as how functional it is for all the jobs on the ranch.  This saddle is handcrafted with quality leather and top-end hardware. This saddle breaks in quickly and is a favorite among many horse owners. Finding a roping saddle that is versatile while being able to hold up to the demands of roping, is something that can be hard find. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase.


  • Comfortable and well-designed, great for long days in the saddle.
  • Roughout leather lasts and doesn’t become slick quickly.
  • Horn is perfect for a quick and smooth dally.


  • The seat size runs a bit small, order a size or two larger than other saddles.
  • Some of the accent stitching came out very quickly.
  • Inconsistent coloring throughout the saddle leather.

Are Western Saddles More Secure?

Most riders will tell you that western saddles make them feel more secure, and there are several reasons for this. Firstly, the seat of a western saddle is traditionally quite deep, and the higher pommel and cantle keep you anchored into position. English-style riding saddles tend to require more from the rider in terms of balance and stability, whilst western saddles provide the rider with more support.

The riding position adopted when western riding is also very different from English riding, and many people feel more comfortable riding in this way. The legs are relaxed downwards and rest easily against the sides of the horse, and the reins are often held in one hand. This leaves the other hand free to help the rider balance.

How Do You Adjust a Western Saddle Stirrup?

When riding a horse it is essential that your stirrups are the correct length, and that both stirrups are the same length. This will help you to adopt a comfortable, secure, and balanced position in the saddle.

To find the perfect stirrup length, sit in the center of the saddle with your legs relaxed downwards. Feel for the stirrups – your toes should slide into them easily. If the stirrups are too short, you will find that you need to bend your knee to do this; too long, and you’ll need to extend your toe downwards.

To adjust a western saddle stirrup, unbuckle the strap and slide it upwards or downwards, depending on whether you want to lengthen or shorten the stirrups. Refasten the stirrup buckle and check to see if the stirrup now feels the correct length and that both stirrups are the same length.

How Do You Clean a Western Saddle Seat?

If your western saddle seat is made from leather, you will need some saddle soap, a soft cloth, and water to clean it. Leather conditioner can be applied once the saddle is clean to keep it in good condition.

Take a damp cloth and wipe the saddle seat to lightly moisten it. Then apply saddle soap to the cloth, and rub it into the saddle leather with a circular motion. The soap should glide across the surface of the saddle, taking the dirt and grime with it.

Rinse the cloth to remove the soap, and wipe the saddle seat until all traces of dirt and debris have been removed. Allow the saddle to dry completely, then apply the leather conditioner according to the instructions on the bottle.

Why Do Some Western Saddles Have Two Girths?

Some western saddles are double-rigged, which means they have two girths. The first is a standard girth that fastens to the cinch straps, holding the saddle securely on the back of the horse.

The second girth, known as the back cinch or rear cinch, is primarily used when roping cattle. It attaches to the rear of the saddle, helping to stop it from moving when the cow pulls back on the rope. It can also be useful when traversing steep, rocky trails where the saddle may tip forwards.

When using a rear cinch, it should be slightly looser than the main girth, as a tight rear cinch may apply so much pressure on the back that it causes the horse to buck. However, it must not be so loose that the horse could get a leg trapped underneath it. The rear cinch is attached to the main cinch by a cinch hobble, which prevents it from slipping backward.

How Much is a Used Western Saddle?

You might assume that buying a used western saddle is a cheaper option, but this is not always the case. However, it is sometimes possible to pick up a bargain if you scout around long enough!

The joy of a good quality western saddle is that they tend to hold their value well, as they have a very long working life. The initial investment when buying a western saddle, either new or used, can seem very high. However, the right saddle will last you for many years, and you may find that you can sell it for almost as much as you bought it for.

Expect to pay around $350-$500 for a good quality used trail saddle, and upwards of $500 for a saddle for roping and barrel racing. When buying a used saddle you will need the services of a saddle fitter to check and adjust the saddle as necessary, so remember to factor this into your budget.

Can You Use an English Bridle With a Western Saddle?

Theoretically, you could use an English bridle with a western saddle – at the end of the day, it’s your horse and you can do whatever you feel comfortable with! So, if you like the comfort and security of a western saddle but like the control that an English bridle gives you, then go for it!

However, mixing English and western tack is not commonly done, as the two riding styles are very different. The English riding technique normally advocates keeping reasonable contact with the reins, which are held with both hands. Western riders ride with loose reins in one hand, and the horse is controlled through neck reining.

How Do You Fix a Western Saddle?

If your western saddle needs fixing, the best option is to take it to a reputable saddle fitter for repairs. A saddle is a specialist piece of equipment, and attempting to repair it yourself may lead to permanent and irreparable damage to this valuable piece of kit.

When looked after and cared for correctly, a good western saddle will last you for many, many years. So, if it breaks, it is worth spending a little extra to make sure that any repairs are carried out competently and correctly.


Purchasing a saddle is very exciting. It may be hard to decide on what type of saddle you want or on the saddle is made, but in the end, finding something that fits both you and your horse and is made well, should be put at the top of your saddle purchase list.

Roping saddles should not be put in the same category as other saddles. Roping saddles need to be made with a more durable tree for a base, stronger leather that can withstand the pull of a rope, the jerk of a steer, and hold up against a slash from a bull’s horn.

Research what you should be looking for in a roping saddle, so you don’t overlook anything that is specifically designed for the sport. Purchasing a saddle is an investment that can last you a long time, so don’t break the bank on the purchase but you should also spend that little bit extra for the increased quality.