5 Best Western Saddle Makers

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The saddle is one of the most important and expensive pieces of equipment for horse riding, so knowing who the best western saddle makers are is essential. Choosing a saddle is a big decision, but if you buy quality and look after it, it will last you years. To help you focus on where to look, we introduce you to some of the best brands.

Why Saddle Fit Is Important
5 Best Western Saddle Makers
5 Best Western Saddle Makers

You can’t pick out a saddle, just because you like how it looks. The saddle must fit your horse correctly and also fit you. The best way to do this is to use a qualified saddle fitter. If the saddle does not fit your horse, it can cause pain, poor muscle development, and lead to behavioral problems.

When a saddle fits well, it allows the horse freedom of movement, comfort and does not pinch or rub. You also need to make sure the seat size and fender length suit your body shape. A horse’s body shape changes throughout the year depending on its weight and muscle development.

This can affect how your saddle fits. It is a good idea to get a saddle fitter to check the fit at least twice a year.

Why You Need A Good Quality Western Saddle

It is tempting to buy a cheap saddle since it is an expensive item. However, a saddle is not something to skimp on. If you have a tighter budget and can’t afford a new saddle, buy a good brand second-hand.

The best western saddle makers will use the highest quality materials. It is carefully put together by a master craftsman who has undergone years of training. These two factors combine to ensure you get a saddle that will last you for years, stay comfortable and not fall apart.

Saddle brands

Western Top 5 Saddle Makers

Now that you have an idea of how to begin your saddle search, the next step is to know who the best western saddle makers are. Let’s take a look.

Circle Y Saddles

Circle Y began as a small saddle maker in 1960, in Yoakum, Texas. The company uses traditional saddle-making skills and combines them with modern technology to meet the needs of today’s horses and riders.

All Circle Y saddles are still handmade but subtly include new ideas. The saddle incorporates a Flex2® tree, and the company carries out continual tree research, always looking to improve fit.

Corriente Saddle Co.

The Corriente Saddle Co is one of the best western saddle makers for those with a smaller budget. Corriente is a family business of competitive horse riders, so they have an excellent understanding of what riders and horses need. They make every type of western saddle from ropers to barrels, to youth to ranch cutters. Most of their saddles cost $1000 dollars or less. 

Cactus Saddlery

Cactus Saddlery is another Texas saddle maker. It is one of the largest sponsors of western competitive events. All of their products are made in the USA, with a quality guarantee. They sell a range of great saddles for different western disciplines.

Take a look around the saddle-making facility of Cactus Saddlery.

Reinsman Saddles

Reinsman Saddles is a premium western brand. Like other good western saddle makers, Reinsman is a Texas brand. The company gives a lifetime tree warranty, which is a nice peace of mind.

All leather is hand-tooled, and skirt linings are genuine wool. As far as saddle makers go, Reinsman Saddles is newer to the scene, starting in 1993, but that doesn’t have any impact on the quality of their saddles.

In 2012, Reinsman came under the umbrella of Circle Y, keeping their distinctive saddle style and combining the dedication to quality of both companies. They offer a range of saddles with an average price of around $3,000.

Genuine Billy Cook

Genuine Billy Cook launched with a small saddle shop in Greenville, Texas in 1953. Today, the company resided in Oklahoma. The company takes craftsmanship and quality seriously, limiting the saddles they make each year, so each saddle goes through a standards check before it’s sold.

With all this, Genuine Billy Cook tried to keep saddles affordable. They aren’t the cheapest or the most expensive on the market. But you can know that the saddle is beautiful will excellent quality.

Most saddles cost between 2 and $3,000 dollars. The range available suits professionals and casual trail riders.

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Saddles Brands Conclusion

We hope you like the five best western saddle make we’ve highlighted here. Do you have a favorite brand? What qualities do you look for in your saddle? 

Each of these saddle brands will provide you with a long-lasting comfortable saddle. They all will happily help you choose the right one for you with their extensive knowledge and good customer service.