Friendliest Horse Breed – Which Are Best?

Last Updated on March 22, 2022

Both beginners and experienced equestrians prefer horses with good temperaments, some tend to have this more than others, so what is the friendliest horse breed? There is no doubt that every horse owner wants a horse that wants to spend time with you. Let’s take a look at horse breeds that have reputations for cool heads and affectionate natures.

Calmest Horse Breeds

Of the many types of horses, certain breeds have calmer temperaments than others. Of course, it’s not fair to paint every horse with the same brush. However, in general, you will come across more calm draft horses than Thoroughbreds.

Morgan Horse

Morgan consistently comes out in the top group when considering horses with calm temperaments. It is a great breed for novice riders as it is very willing to work with the rider, even if they give incorrect cues. 

The Morgan is an American horse breed. All Morgans can trace their family history to one single stallion, Figure. The figure was born in Massachusetts in 1789. The figure was a component horse at any task his owner, Justin Morgan, asked of him.

A Morgan is a pretty horse with an attractive head. It has a strong but refined build with thick, luscious manes and tails. The breed is very versatile and takes part in a number of equestrian activities, including driving, trail riding, and can even work cattle.

Morgan Personality

Morgans love people. They are an in-your-pocket type of horse that is always seeking connection with its handlers. A Morgan always wants to please and will try hard to understand what your asking in order to achieve this.

Gentle Horse

Gentleness is an admired quality in any horse. Some breeds have this quality in great abundance, which makes them perfect for someone looking for the friendliest horse breed.

Norwegian Fjord

The Norwegian Fjord is a small, sturdy horse that originates in Norway. It is famous for its two-tone mane that it cut to show it off. All Norwegian Fjords have dun coats, but this can come in several shades.

It is famous for being one of the gentlest horse breeds. The breed spent centuries living in Norway’s hills and has adapted to survive in cold temperatures. They are sure-footed and strong.

Norwegian Fjord Horse

The precise origins of the breed are hard to trace, but it is thought that it descends from the Przewalski Horse. Its primitive markets are a clear trait that it has kept from its ancient origins.

The Fjord’s calm nature makes it a popular horse for children, equine therapy, and driving.

Friendliest Horse Breed

Both the Morgan and the Norweigan Fjord fit into the friendliest horse breed category. However, they are not the only breeds to consider.

American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is one of the most popular and versatile horse breeds in the United States. It is an even-tempered horse that suits both beginners and more advanced riders. The breed has a reputation for its level head and friendly personality.

A well-trained Quarter Horse takes its job seriously. They perform their job admirably and want to please. They will look after novice riders and are tolerant of mistakes. At the same time, a Quarter Horse doesn’t have to give a dull ride.

The breed is calm but ready to spring into action when asked. This is what makes them so appealing to riders of all ability levels.

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Quarter Horse Size

Another appealing feature of the Quarter Horse is its size. They stand between 14 and 16 hands, on average. This is appealing as they are not too big and intimidating if you are just learning about riding and horses.

Quarter Horse Uses

Quarter Horses take part in just about every equestrian discipline. They most frequently take part in ranch work and western competitions, such as cutting, roping, reining, and barrel racing. But you will also see the breed jumping, trail riding, eventing, and even in dressage.

Connemara Pony

The Connemara pony originates in Ireland. It is a tough, hardy pony that is a great children’s mount and friend. Connemara ponies have gentle temperaments and kindness. They are brave and enjoy trailing riding.

Generally, the Connemara is not spooky and is always keen to work and go on adventures. It is a clever pony that will help you get out of a sticky situation.

Origins Of The Connemara

The Connemara is a native pony of Ireland. It descends from the ancient Celtic pony and has nearly 5,000 years of history. Due to the wet and harsh climate of Ireland, these ponies are surefooted, strong, and generally healthy.

After the ancient Celtic ponies, ponies brought to Ireland by the Vikings and horses from the Spanish Armada mixed to help form the wonderful pony we see today. 

Origins Of The Connemara

Connemara Pony Uses

The Connemara pony is extremely versatile. Its willingness to take part in riding activities and athletic ability sees it in a variety of equestrian events. The Connemara takes part in showjumping, dressage, eventing, and hunting.

While less common, the Connemara will have no problem taking part in western riding activities. These friendly ponies make excellent mounts for children and small adults.

Best Horses

The best horses are those that suit the job that their owner wants them to do. This is difficult to pinpoint because each horse is an individual. You will find friendly, gentle horses in every breed, even hot blood Thoroughbreds can have calm temperaments.

In addition to the breeds already mentioned here, it is only fair to include drafts. Draft horses are sometimes overlooked as riding horses because of their association with pulling wagons and farm work. However, these horses are the gentle giants of the equine world.

Best Horses

The draft is one of the best horses for calm, gentle behavior. Initially, these horses are intimidating due to their massive size. However, once you get accustomed to them, you will see what kind of horses they are.

When we talk about draft horses, we include all the specific breeds, such as the Shire, Clydesdale, Percheron, and Belgian.


Many horses can be considered the friendliest horse breed. Some breeds, as you can see here, tend to carry friendly, calm traits more commonly than others. This doesn’t mean that other breeds don’t have very friendly horses.

It is important to keep in mind if you are looking for a horse that you judge the horse as an individual. You will find all personality types within each breed. Don’t make the make of assuming just because a horse is a particular breed that it is a guarantee to a super friendly horse.

What horse breed is safest to ride?

The Morgan horse is one of the breeds that most beginners choose because they are easy to handle and provide a stable platform for learning. They also have a calm temperament that makes them great for young children and for people who aren’t very comfortable riding. 
The Morgan is a well-known American horse breed. They are known for being kind and courageous, and they are particularly eager to please. They’ll work hard to try to please their rider. At the same time, Morgan is a gentle and sure-footed horse that makes a fine first mount. This breed has been known to be the best choice for riders looking for a horse that’s easy to mount and ride.

What is the smoothest horse to ride?

Paso fino is a horse breed known for its graceful and smooth gaits. This makes them popular with show jumpers and dressage riders. Their calm temperaments make them excellent in the show ring. They are also well suited to cross-country riders, especially if they are accustomed to jumping obstacles. They are also known to be loyal to their owners and riders.

What horse breed has the best personality?

American Quarter Horses are generally considered to be intelligent, patient and calm. They are generally good choices for both pleasure and performance riding. Many breeds that share common ancestry with the American Quarter Horse, such as Pints and Palominos, have been chosen for their horse-like qualities as well. 
The American Quarter Horse is by far the most popular horse in the United States. The breed originated in the state of Texas and is recognized by the American Quarter Horse Association. The AQHA has approximately 300,000 members worldwide, with over 150,000 of these in the U.S. alone. The American Quarter Horse was developed as a horse breed that would excel in all areas of equine activity, including speed, endurance and showmanship. 

What is the smartest horse breed?

The Hanoverian horses are the smartest breed in the world. They’re easy to train, gentle, intelligent and they adapt to any environment or terrain you put them in. Hanoverians are a versatile breed that is well suited for nearly every equestrian activity. They are elegant, strong, and robust, have a lot of stamina and a good disposition for training in different disciplines. They are able to adapt to all sorts of situations and handle a variety of tasks. These horses are the perfect companion for anyone who enjoys the outdoors or has an active lifestyle. With their sturdy build and powerful movement, they’re able to carry the rider with ease.

How do horse show affection?

Horses are social animals. They often show affection to other horses as well as humans. The way horses communicate with one another or with their owners can vary, but they all share common body language. A horse will often show affection by nuzzling, grooming, or rubbing the person he likes. Some horses also show affection through their ears, which can flick up or down depending on how they’re feeling. On the other hand, if your horse feels like you’re threatening its security, it may lash out with a kick or buck. This is often a defense mechanism to protect itself from being hurt by you or other horses. By learning their body language, you’ll be able to tell if your horse is showing affection and what he feels in certain situations.