Horse Riding Equipment Names

Last Updated on March 18, 2022

Taking part in equestrian activities is expensive and requires a lot of gear, for which you will want to know all the horse riding equipment names. The more you get involved in horse riding, the more gear you will need. Here we will introduce you to many of the items you will come across.

Horse Equipment List

If you are buying your own horse, you will need a lot of tacks. Quality tack is expensive, but it is better to get a good standard, as it will fit better, provide more comfort, and last you longer. While you don’t need every piece of tack, there are some essentials for horse riding.


Depending on your riding discipline, the type of saddle will differ. On a basic level, western riders will want a western saddle and English riders an English saddle. Then within each of these, there are specific saddles. For example, jumping, dressage, pleasure, ranch, and many more.

It is extremely important that your saddle fits your horse correctly. A poorly fitting saddle will cause your horse pain, damage his back and even lead to behavioral problems. The saddle also has to fit the rider, so they have the correct balance and position on the horse.

A saddle is the most expensive piece of tack, but you can save money by buying a quality one second-hand.


If you have a saddle, you also need stirrups and stirrup leathers. Stirrups come in different sizes to accommodate the size of your feet. You will also find a variety of styles, from traditional to safety, to those with color.


All saddles require a girth. The girth secures the saddle on the horse. For English riders, an anatomical girth is the most comfortable for the horse. Western saddles will need a cinch.

Saddle Pad

When you put a saddle on a horse, you use a saddle pad or, for western, a saddle blanket. This protects the horse from the saddle rubbing or pinching and avoids sweat damage to the leather.

If you ride western, this is a helpful video that gives you western horse riding equipment names and some great safety tips.


When riding you will need to use a bridle. This allows you to control the horse when riding. The bridle needs to fit the horse so it is comfortable.

Many modern bridles come with an anatomical, padded headpiece. We recommend you choose one like this for the benefit of your horse. Unless you ride with a bitless bridle, you will need a bit. 

Biting a horse is complicated, so get some advice from an expert if you are unsure of the size and type. Also of note is that bridles require reins. Sometimes you will have to buy the reins separately as not all bridles come with them.

Horse Gear Names

Tack isn’t the only thing you will need for your horse, your horse needs several accessories for everyday life. If you plan on riding, you will want to get some equipment for yourself as well.


A halter is an everyday piece of horse gear that you use to lead your horse or tie him. Halters come in a huge selection of colors. Some come in leather and others nylon. Just remember, to never leave a halter on a horse unattended or when it is out in the paddock, as it is dangerous.

Lead Rope

A lead rope goes hand in hand with a halter. This is a long rope of leather, soft rope, or nylon that you clip to the halter when you want to lead or tie up the horse.


Depending on where you live, you will need a variety of horse blankets. This is relevant to the individual horse. For example, if your horse has sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to use a fly sheet in hot weather.

For cold weather, a warm stable blanket is a good idea. If your horse will spend time outside, then use a waterproof outdoor blanket. Not everyone believes in using blankets, however, it is good to have some on hand in case your horse gets sick or you get a particularly cold snap.

Troxel Equestrian-Helmets 

Riding Helmet

A riding helmet is the most important piece of equestrian gear you need. Use a certified helmet, and if you have a fall, always replace it as it can have hidden damage. A riding helmet can save your life.

Having a fall is one thing if you break your arm, which can heal but hitting your head can have devastating consequences.

Riding Pants

The type of riding pants to get will depend on your equestrian discipline. For English riders, they are breeches or riding tights. For western disciplines, look for western riding jeans.

Riding pants are have a design specially tailored for equestrians. They will help avoid rubs, which are pretty sore when they happen.

Riding Boots

For safety reasons, it is best to only use riding boots. These boots are made with leather and have a heel. The heel helps prevent your foot from going through the stirrup and getting stuck.

They are also not bulky, which is another thing you want to avoid. Riding boots will help protect your feet from stray horse feet and dirt around the barn.


Chaps are leather and worn over your breeches or riding jeans. Most English riders today use half chaps. These only go on the lower leg. They help provide leg grip and protection.

Horse Riding Tools

In addition to gear for your horse and yourself, you will need some tools. These will help you provide the day-to-day care of your horse.

horse riding tools

Grooming Kit

A grooming kit is a collection of the different brushes that help keep your horse’s coat in good condition. The main brushes you need are a curry comb, soft brush, a hard brush, a tail comb, and a hoof pick. You can store your brushes in a grooming bag or box.

Stable Tools

You will need some essential tools for around your barn. A pitch or shavings fork, a wheelbarrow, broom, and shovel all are necessary. Look for a pitchfork specially designed for cleaning out stables. 

The broom should be stiff, not the type you use inside your horse. A wide, metal shovel is the best for barn work.


Every barn needs a selection of buckets. Designate some to hold water for your horse. The other buckets will find a use for baths and grain.


When you start looking at horse riding equipment names, you will come across hundreds of different items. While you don’t need everything, there are certain items that you can’t own a horse without. If you are starting out, take your time and build up your horse riding equipment.

Some things you will need straight away, while others you can get overtime. Have we left out any essential horse riding equipment names? If so, let us know in the comments.

What is the name of the horse riding equipment?

Tack is the equipment or accessories you may use in the course of your horse’s training and riding. For example, a saddle, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, harnesses, martingales, and breastplates are all part of the tack used to train horses to perform certain activities, like riding or jumping. Equipping a horse is often referred to as tacking up. The horse is usually saddled and bridled before being led out of the stable.

What is a horse’s headgear called?

A bridle is a piece of equipment used for controlling the movements of a horse. It consists of the bit which is a metal rod placed in the horse’s mouth, and the headcollar which attaches to the horse’s head. A bridle also has a pair of reins which are attached to the bit and headcollar. The reins control the movement of the horse’s head and body. Bridles come in many styles. The most common style is called English bridle, which consists of a headcollar, a bit, and a pair of reins. Another common bridle style is the Western bridle. 

What are reins used for?

Reins are a key part of a rider’s equipment. They provide a direct connection between the horse and allow for easy control and direction of the horse. Reins also help with balance and posture. 
A rein is the strap attached to the bridle via the bit or a noseband, typically used to control and guide the animal. The first form of reins was a rope tied around the horse’s mouth. This allowed the rider to pull on the rope to guide the horse. Today, however, there are many different types of reins to choose from. They can be made of leather, nylon or rubber and vary in length, width, thickness and style. Some are designed for specific horses while others are intended to fit any horse. 

What is the back of the saddle called?

The saddle is a critical part of the horse riding equipment. It provides support to the rider and the horse, and it helps control their movement. It also helps keep the rider upright as they ride.
The back of the saddle that gently curves upwards is called cantle. Cantle is the part of the saddle that supports the rider from behind. It consists of a series of raised, curved ribs that can provide additional comfort and help control the horse as it moves. 

What is a horse’s halter?

The halter is a basic piece of equine equipment that all trained horses wear. It is used for working, riding, driving, and for show purposes. A halter is a device that is worn by a horse to help control its movements. It is placed around the horse’s head. It has metal clasps to which you can attach the lead rope; this is used to walk a horse. It is made of nylon, leather, or rope and worn on the horse’s head so that the person working with the horse has something to hold on to. It is important for the trainer to make sure that the horse is wearing a halter that fits properly.