Horseback Riding Vacations For Singles – Pack Your Bags!

Venturing out on a trip by yourself can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be with careful planning of horseback riding vacations for singles. Many ranches provide specialist itineraries catering to women and singles. This will give you peace of mind for a safe and comfortable adventure on horseback.

Solo Horseback Riding Vacations for Women

One of the biggest concerns for women traveling alone is their personal safety. Many dude ranches offer women-only or singles packages in the off-season. This provides several benefits for single adult travelers.

When to Book Your Equestrian Vacation

The off-season is cheaper than peak vacation times. Also, these dates tend to be adult-only, have fewer families, and more single people. Also, you may find that some special itineraries are only offered during these months.

Horseback riding vacations for singles aren’t necessarily limited to off-peak times. Plenty of ranches happily welcome singles at any time of year. However, booking in the off-season means that the ranch may not be at full capacity, and the single supplement is waived.

When to Book Your Equestrian Vacation

Good Ranch Options for Horseback Riding Vacations for Single Women

If you want to explore the open countryside with your girlfriends or go completely solo without worrying, the following horseback riding vacations are worth considering.

  • Relais & Chateau Triple Creek Ranch – Relais & Chateau Triple Creek Ranch is a female-owned ranch in Bitterroot Valley of Darby, Montana. Several years ago the owner set up a women-only equestrian vacation called Klicks for Chicks. This vacation caters to women, who enjoy roughing it a bit, but still want a bit of luxury. At night after a long day of riding, you’re treated to a gourmet dinner and luxury cabins. There’s no freezing cold camping out under the stars here! The luxury aspect of this trip means it won’t be cheap. Triple Creek Ranch is located in western Montana. All of their vacation options are for over sixteens only.
  • C Lazy U Ranch – The C Lazy U Ranch is located in Granby, Colorado. This ranch holds women-only trips, which are a great way for single women to socialize safely. Spring and Fall are the best times to visit when special events are held for women or adults only.
  • Paws Up Ranch Cowgirl Spring Round-Up – This is a fun option for those who want a women’s only vacation. Paws Up Ranch in Montana hosts this trip every April and features real Cowgirl Hall of Famers. The trip not only includes riding over thousands of acres of Montana wilderness but tons of other outdoor activities. The vacation price is inclusive of luxury accommodation, food, workshops, and transport. This ranch is geared towards families. If you want an adult-only atmosphere, book dates while the kids are still in school.

The three mentioned options are only a taste of the many horseback riding vacations for female singles. Horse riding trips are available, not only in Montana but California, Wyoming, Colorado, and around the world.

Ranches that Welcome Single Horseback Riding Guests

Even though many horseback riding retreats seem geared towards families and couples, some ranches welcome singles year-round.

  • Colorado Cattle Company & Guest Ranch – Colorado Cattle Company is hands-on and offers a more rustic environment. The ranch is adult only and provides common areas designed for socializing. Single guests don’t have to pay a single supplement. Guests not only enjoy mingling with other singles and horseback riding but also can dive in to help with everyday chores. You also can take care of your own horse for the duration of your stay.
  • Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch – Hideout Lodge in Shell, Wyoming is a working ranch that limits the number of guests to just 25 a week. Unlike other horseback riding vacations, Hideout Lodge focuses on cattle and riding. Novice and experienced riders are welcome. The ranch employs several female wrangles and prides itself on its welcoming and personal service. The remote location allows you to get away from it all. The ranch welcomes singles year-round.
  • Sundance Trail Guest Ranch – While Sundance Trail is a family-orientated western riding ranch, it is popular with singles. Guest numbers are kept low, so singles can easily join in with other guests. Located in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado, the ranch is open during all seasons.
Ranches that Welcome Single Horseback Riding Guests

International Horseback Riding Vacations

The United States isn’t the only place to find horseback riding vacations for singles. Outside of the US, you will get something a little different than the dude ranch experience. Ireland is an ideal country to see on horseback.

While you won’t be rounding up cattle in Ireland, horseback riding vacations will take you into the hills to experience breathtaking scenery. Ireland is also welcoming, and relatively safe for single travelers. You will most likely be riding English, not western, which can be more difficult for a novice rider.

If you have an adventurous side, you’ll find riding vacations in South America through the hills of Peru or the African desert. Not all equestrian vacations involve trail riding, you can also spend your trip at a European riding center improving your skills in jumping or dressage.

International Horseback Riding Vacations

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Benefits of a Solo Vacation

A solo vacation comes with its benefits. You will have the freedom to do what you want without compromising with a traveling companion. Because you’re on your own, you will be encouraged to meet new people.

Spending time on your own gives you a chance to disconnect from the world’s stresses and reconnect with yourself, without worrying about someone else’s needs. You will be free from the pressure of having to get up and do something.

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Tips for Solo Equestrian Vacations

When thinking about taking a solo riding vacation keep a few things in mind that will help make your trip worthwhile. The first thing you need to consider is your safety, especially if you are a woman. Put local numbers for the police or, if available friends, that live nearby in your phone.

Choose an equestrian vacation that keeps groups small, so it’s easy to fit in with other travelers. Search out ranches that are popular with singles, so you won’t end up being the only person there on their own. If one of your traveling goals is to meet new people, look for ranches that have adult-only weeks or weekends.

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Final Thoughts

If you were concerned the horseriding vacation as a single would leave you sitting in the corner, fear not. This type of trip is a fantastic option for solo travelers. They take place in safe locations and usually in small groups.

Ranch riding trips are particularly popular in the United States, giving you plenty of choices all over the country. If you are an inexperienced rider, look for a ranch that offers help or easy rides. Wherever you choose, a horse riding vacation will help you connect with nature and create unforgettable memories.

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