Horse Round Bale Feeder Reviews

Last Updated on December 26, 2022

Is your horse a messy eater? Sick of seeing hay to go waste as its trampled and blowing away in the wind?  Then it’s time for you to get a round bale feeder! Round bale feeders are metal or plastic devices that horse owners use to hold their round bales in their horse’s pasture.

Round bale feeders are typically circular, cage-type devices. The round bale goes inside it, and horses can still get to the hay to eat, but they can’t stand in it or spread it around as easily.  This results in less hay waste, which equates to less money spent on hay!

There are many livestock and farm supply companies that carry, manufacture, and sell round bale feeders.  These include popular names like Tractor Supply Company, State Line Tack, and the like. Check here for Slow Feeders for Horses.

In this article, I’ll be discussing one retailer that sells round bale feeders and the varieties of round bale feeders that they sell. This retailer is Tractor Supply Company. I’ll also be discussing a company that manufactures and sells their own round bale feeders. This company is Cashmans.

Tractor Supply Company

In-Person Sale Advantage

If you’ve ever been to a Tractor Supply Co., you know how they are laid out; a seemingly normal retail store on the inside, and larger farm-related products on the outside. Typically, these farm-related products on the outside include round bale feeders.


Tractor Supply Co. gives its customers the unique ability to see some of its round bale feeders before purchasing them.  Most of the time, round bale feeders are too large to have in stores, and customers are forced to purchase them blindly online.  

But, Tractor Supply is able to provide customers with hands-on experience.  Though there are more options online than Tractor Supply Co. could ever have displayed outside their store, they are still able to give their customers this unique opportunity

CountyLine Equine Pro

Tractor Supply carries a large variety of CountyLine round bale feeders.  One of these is the CountyLine Equine Pro Galvanized Bale Feeder.  This feeder is designed especially for horses.  It is covered in a sheet of galvanized metal on the bottom half, protecting hay from the elements.

On the top, it boasts of a staggered beam design, allowing for horses to bend their necks down and into the feeder, rather than trying to reach through the bars.


Pros Cons
-Protects hay from the elements
-Designed specifically for horses

Century Livestock Horse Feeder, CHF

The Century Livestock Horse Feeder, CHF offers the most simple round bale feeder I have seen yet.  It looks almost like a round pen shrunk down and made from metal! With its simple straight bars, the Century Livestock Horse Feeder is almost like putting your round bale in a brace.


Pros Cons
-Simple, easy to use -Provides little protection from the elements


Cashmans is an American-based equine and livestock supply company that manufactures and sells its own products.  They are known for their high-quality products and reasonable prices.

They offer six different types of round bale feeders for purchase online.   These include the Heavy Duty Round Bale Pasture Feeder, Cashmans Feeder Panels, Cashmans All-Weather Hay Feeder, Hay Hut Round Bale Feeder, Cashmans Cattle Round Bale Feeders, and Cashmans Horse Round Bale Feeders.

Heavy Duty Round Bale Pasture Feeder

This is Cashman’s premium round bale feeder.  The Heavy Duty Round Bale Pasture Feeder offers a unique and innovative design, ensuring both the safety of your horse and the preservation of their hay.

The Heavy Duty Round Bale Pasture Feeder offers a metal “pan” for the horses to eat out of.  On top of that is the standard “V” design that allows for the bale to feed into the pan at the bottom.  

On Top of this V is a roof, ensuring that the hay will not blow away or get ruined by weather, animal feces, and the like. It also offers adjustable bottom panels so that it can be situated safely on uneven surfaces.

This feeder is sold for an expensive price. As I stated, this is Cashman’s premium round bale feeder.  It is the only feeder they sell for that price, but you pay for what you get; there are many desirable features that the Heavy Duty Round Bale Pasture Feeder has to offer.


Pros Cons
-Protects hay from the elements -Expensive
-Allows hay to fall naturally
-Stable on uneven surfaces

Cashmans Feeder Panels

Cashmans Feeder Panels are a popular option for many farm owners, but they are not able to store an entire round bale.  The bale would have to be broken up and stored separately.

The Cashmans Feeder Panels are a rectangular structure that allows hay to be stored on the top.  Its beams allow for storage of about two feet deep into the structure, so it is capable of storing a lot of hay; but, most likely not a whole bale.  

This feeder is sold for a reasonable price, depending on which length you decide to purchase.  


Pros Cons
-Cheap price -Doesn’t hold a whole round bale

Cashmans All-Weather Hay Feeder and Hay Hut Round Bale Feeder

Cashmans All-Weather Hay Feeder and the Hay Hut Round Bale Feeder have a lot in common!  They are both made of hard, thick plastic and offer an enclosed area that can be lifted up and over a hay bale.

There are many benefits to this design. First, they are made entirely of hard plastic.  Unlike metal (even galvanized metal), hard plastic does not rust. It is easy to clean and can be exposed to any weather conditions without severe damage.

Second, the enclosed structure offers the ultimate protection of the hay.  Again, this protects from many weather conditions including snow, rain, and hail.  It also protects the loss of hay due to windy conditions.

Prices for these feeders are relatively pricey and go up from there, depending on what size you choose to buy.


Pros Cons
-Protects hay from the elements -Relatively pricey
-Non-rusting material

Cashmans Cattle Round Bale Feeders

When you think of a standard round bale feeder, you’re thinking of Cashmans Cattle Round Bale Feeder.  A circular metal structure, Cashmans Cattle Round Bale Feeder is the quintessential feeder you’d expect to see in a pasture.

The Cashmans Cattle Round Bale Feeder is a green, metal, circular structure that allows for a hay bale to be lifted inside of it.  The breaks in the metal allow for livestock to reach their heads through, or over, the bars to get to the hay.

Simple and classic as they come, the Cashmans Cattle Round Bale Feeder starts at a really cheap price, depending on which size you wish to purchase.

Cashmans Cattle Round Bale Feeders

Pros Cons
-Cheap price -Not designed specifically for horses
-Simple to use

Cashmans Horse Round Bale Feeders

Cashmans Horse Round Bale Feeder is quite similar to Cashmans Cattle Round Bale Feeder, except for one feature.  It has staggered metal beams at the top, allowing for horses to reach their long necks down and into the feeder.

Theoretically, horses could eat from the cattle feeder, and cattle could eat from the horse feeder.  But, the horse feeder accommodates for horse’s long necks reaching down, rather than straight into the feeder, and the cattle feeder does the opposite for cattle’s stout and straight necks.

The Cashmans Horse Round Bale Feeder is the exact same price as Cashmans Cattle Bale Feeder, depending on the size.

Cashmans Horse Round Bale Feeders

Pros Cons
-Reasonably Priced
-Simple to use
-Designed specifically for horses


There are many options available to purchase when looking for a bale feeder! Preserving the quality of hay is important for all horse owners and farmers.  Your decision is entirely your own and will depend on your own unique circumstances!

Thankfully, manufacturers and retailers have though these different circumstances through and have tried to create a variety of products to meet a variety of needs.  Whether you prefer Cashmans Horse Round Bale Feeder or the CountyLine Equine Pro, I’m sure there is something out there that will meet your needs.

Keeping horses happy and healthy is a priority for every horse owner.  And having a safe, yet effective bale feeder is a surprisingly important part of that goal.  Round bale feeders both ensure that horses have access to their hay and that their hay doesn’t go to waste or ruin.

I hope this article has helped you learn more about the most popular bale feeders on the market today! If so, please share this article, and share with us your experiences using these round bale feeders!


Are round bale feeders safe for horses?

It's a simple question, but it's difficult to answer. Horse round bale feeders are not safe in the same way as hay nets or traditional hay mangers. Horse round bale feeders rely on restricting the animal's bite when consuming large amounts of forage at once. However, most horses will not eat hay or many other forages in this way, and will instead attempt to consume the maximum amount of forage possible. Horse round bale feeders can be expected to result in choking and gagging episodes when used incorrectly. Horse round bale feeders can also be dangerous because a horse may attempt to lean over the side of the net and become caught on it while trying to get more hay. Horse round bale feeders have been known to result in broken jaws, necks, and fractured legs when a horse panics after becoming entangled.

How many horses will a round bale feed?

It depends on the type of round bale feeder used. Horse round bale feeders may be categorized in several ways, including tube diameter and height of funnel or extended ramp/funnel.
Horse round bale feeders designed for use with large square hay bales and can hold enough food for 10 horses at once.
Horse round bale feeders designed for use with round hay bales can hold up to 4 horses at once.
Horse round bale feeders that are used with 1/3 or 1/2 round hay bales can only feed one horse at once.
Horse round bale feeders should not be used to provide diets where hay and other forages comprise the bulky portion of the horse's diet. These feeders should only be used to provide hay or forages that are easily crushable, such as alfalfa cubes or pellets.

How much of a round bale is wasted in round bale feeders?

Some estimates state that 50% of the bale is wasted when using a round bale feeder. Horse owners who use wooden or plastic hay rings waste an estimated 75% of their hay. Other types of feeding equipment, including traditional hay mangers and hay nets waste very little of the original bale. Horse round bale feeders are the worst option for hay feeders, but are usually safer than feeding bales directly on the ground. Horse round bale feeders also help to keep other predators away from the hay, which would otherwise attract crows, rats, raccoons or other pests that will eat the horse's food. Horse round bale feeders are the most common form of hay feeding equipment.

Are round bale feeders expensive?

Round bale feeders can be expensive, but they are often more economical than other hay feeding equipment. Horse round bale feeders cost $250 to $400 dollars and up, depending on the size of the model and if it is made of wood or metal. Horse round bale feeders can be considered a less expensive option when compared to traditional hay ring feeding equipment. They are also cheaper than hay nets or traditional hay mangers.