Turtleneck Horse Blankets

Last Updated on December 26, 2022

Every horse owner knows the struggle of finding a properly fitting turtle neck horse blankets! And, every horse owner knows the struggle of their horse destroying the blankets that do fit them properly! Blanketing horses can be a constant day-to-day struggle, especially for horses that need to be blanketed all the time, in climates that call for some type of blanketing all the time.

Thankfully, there are companies out there that look out for the needs of horse owners that have to blanket their horses frequently! One of these companies is Turtleneck. Turtleneck exists to help the horse owner with the picky, hard to fit horse.

Turtleneck’s innovative designs include elastic necklines that will conform to any horse’s size and shape, so they will fit even the most abnormally-shaped horses!  Founded in 2003, Turtleneck seeks to create blankets that will fit any horse and will keep those blankets secure and unmoving.

One of the most dangerous things about blankets is the issue of them becoming tangled in between horse’s legs if and when they slip off the horse. With Turtleneck’s elastic neckband, this is less likely to happen.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing some of Turtleneck’s most popular products. Turtle neck makes blankets for all different climates and seasons.  They make the equivalent to turnout sheets, fly sheets, mid-weight, and heavyweight blankets.  

I’ll be reviewing Turtleneck’s Rain Turtle, Ice Turtle, Fly Turtle, Snapping Turtle, and some additional replacement parts that Turtleneck sells.

Turtle Neck Horse Blankets: Rain Turtle

Turtleneck’s Rain Turtle is the equivalent of a turnout sheet for your horse.  It protects against the elements and has a three-year waterproof warranty. It is not insulated and must be paired with some kind of a blanket liner in order to be used in colder temperatures.

The Rain Turtle is 1680 denier, which means that it is extremely resistant to tears and durable. It is recommended to only use the Rain Turtle by itself down to 30 degrees, but at anything colder than that, a horse will need more insulation.

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The Rain Turtle is only available in Navy with Navy Trim. It is available in sizes 65-84, which means it will fit ponies all the way through horses.  Though it is not uncommon for horses to be larger than size 84, in which case, they would not be able to wear the Rain Turtle.

The Rain Turtle is, of course, equipped with Turtleneck’s elastic neckband.  This allows for a more custom fit. It also prevents the blanket from slipping off the horse and getting tangled, endangering the horse wearing the blanket and those around it.

The Rain Turtle is at a reasonable price, even before shipping and tax, which is comparable with a standard turnout sheet.  It can be purchased at Turtleneck’s website or on Amazon, the exact link listed here.

-waterproof -limited color
-reasonably priced -limited size
-elastic neckband  

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Turtle Neck Horse Blankets: Ice Turtle

The Ice Turtle is Turtleneck’s equivalent of a mid-weight turnout blanket for your horse.  It has 320 grams of insulation covering the horse’s stomach, chest, and core organ areas. And, it has 100 grams on all flaps.

The Ice Turtle is waterproof and comes with a treatment that prevents the growth of mold and bacteria from your horse’s sweat and other elements. It also has a 1680 denier rating, to prevent your blanket from getting ripped or damaged easily.

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It also comes with the Turtleneck elastic neckband, especially important if a horse is being turned out in the snow and ice.  Ice is dangerous enough as it is, horses don’t also need to deal with an ill-fitting blanket preventing normal movements.

The Ice Turtle only comes in Black with Black Trim as a color.  It is available from sizes 65-86. Again, some large horses will need a size larger than 86. For example, a 17hh warmblood will typically wear around an 87 or 88 blanket size.

Because of this, only limited sizes of horses can wear Ice Turtle blankets. The Ice Turtle sells for an average price, which is comparable to other mid-weight blankets in the market today. It can be purchased at the link here.

-elastic neckband -limited color
-reasonable price -limited size

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Turtle Neck Horse Blankets: Fly Turtle

The Fly Turtle is Turtleneck’s equivalent of a fly sheet for your horse to wear.  It is a blanket with a neck guard attachment, and it serves to keep flies off of your horse during the months when bugs are the worst.  

The Fly Turtle should only be worn when it is warm enough for your horse to go outside without a sheet or other insulated blanket. The Fly Turtle offers 60% UV protection, so it is a good choice for gray, white, paint, or palomino horses that may have more sensitive skin that could be affected by sunlight and UV rays.

This blanket is extremely breathable, allowing air to flow underneath it to keep your horse cool.  But, somehow it is also still waterproof! The Fly Turtle only comes in White with Black Trim.


Its price is on the high end for comparable fly sheets.  Many fly sheets don’t cost over $150, so this is relatively high.

The Fly Turtle is only available in size 84 currently.  The Turtleneck website says that sizes that are not available are currently not in stock, but it gives no indication of when these sizes will be back in stock.

Of course, the Fly Turtle is also equipped with the Turtleneck elastic neckband, making it able to fit any sized horse.  This is especially helpful during fly-heavy seasons and in fly-heavy climates because horses will be actively moving around and trying to get flies off their bodies.

So, the more secure their blankets are, the less likely they are to get tangled in their blankets and blanket straps. It can be purchased at the link here.

Pros Cons
-breathable -expensive
-elastic neckband -limited color
  -limited sizes

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Snapping Turtle

The Snapping Turtle is another Turtleneck equivalent to a mid-weight turnout sheet for your horse.  It is also waterproof and has 300-gram insulation.

The biggest difference between this blanket and the Ice Turtle is the denier count.  The Ice Turtle is 1680 denier, and the Snapping Turtle is only 1200 denier. This means that the Snapping Turtle won’t hold up as well to rubs, tears, and external wear and tear.

It is more likely to rip, snag, and tear than the Ice Turtle.  So, if you know your horse plays hard and has a tendency to tear his blankets, the Snapping Turtle might not be a good fit for you and your horse. 

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Personally, I never buy anything less than a 1680 denier count for my horse, but he is prone to playing very hard and has destroyed many blankets! It all depends on the horse and their behavior patterns.

The Snapping Turtle is only available in Navy with Navy Trim and is available in sizes 65-86.  This range, again, excludes taller horses, typically over 17hh. 

It is, of course, equipped with the Turtleneck elastic neckband.  Perhaps with the neckband, your horse runs less of a risk of tearing his blanket, because it will do less slipping and moving.

The Snapping Turtle price is a fairly reasonable amount for an equivalent mid-weight blanket. It can be purchased at the link here.

-elastic neckband -limited sizes
-reasonable price -limited color

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Turtleneck is a company that provides a unique take on the horse blanket industry.  Their innovative elastic neckband design sets them apart from their competitors. The Rain Turtle, Ice Turtle, Fly Turtle, and Snapping Turtle all come with this feature.

Turtleneck seeks to create blankets that will fit any horse and will keep those blankets secure and unmoving. They exist to help the horse owner with the picky, hard to fit horse. And, they’ve created a product that aims to do just that!

Unfortunately, there are many flaws in their website.  There is no color selection/option, and they have limited sizes.  The limited color options will especially turn high profile equestrians away, or horse owners that board at show stables where certain colored blankets are required.

Horse owners that cannot find their horse’s size will also be turned away by this.  While Turtleneck has somewhat reasonable pricing, their availability and selection are very lacking.  

Where they will gain interest in their innovative design, they will likely lose interest in their lack of variety and selection.

Turtleneck is a new company, and there are very few reviews out on their products.  But, they have a promising concept, and time will tell if the horse industry is receptive to it!

Should I put a blanket on my horse in the winter?

If you own a horse, you probably already know that a blanket is essential in keeping your horse warm in the winter. A good blanket is something you can count on to protect your horse from the elements. It will keep him warm and comfortable and provide a little extra insulation. However, it’s also important to consider that a blanket can compress a horse’s coat and therefore compromise it’s insulating properties. So, if you keep horses in the environment where the temperatures don’t drop below 10°F often and if your horses have the access to a stall or a shelter, they might do just well without a blanket.

How do I know if my horse is too cold?

A horse that is shivering is a good indicator that he might be too cold. Another indication that a horse is feeling cold and wants to warm up is a tucked tail.
A quick way to estimate horse’s temperature is by direct touch. If the horse feels like it is cold, you can also use a thermometer to check the temperature, and then take some protective actions to warm him up.

What is the toughest horse blanket?

The SmartPak Ultimate Turnout Blanket is one of the popular choices for people looking for a proper waterproof blanket. This blanket features a 1050D nylon outer that resists a lot of rubs and tears. It’s also water-resistant to keep your horse warm and dry when he’s out in the rain or cold weather. The SmartPak Ultimate Turnout Blanket has been tested to withstand being run through a washing machine, and can handle even the roughest of rides.
The SmartPak also guarantees that you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, they will replace the blanket or refund your money within 30 days of purchase. 

What is a turn out blanket for horses?

Turnout blankets are used to protect the horse from the rain and mud. They are also used to help keep the horse dry. However, they don’t provide much of a thermal insulation and are in general to hot for summer time and too cold for the winter temperatures.
There are many different types of turnout blankets. The most common type is the “duckbill” turnout blanket. This type has two separate flaps that fold over each other to form a duck bill shape. These types of blankets are generally the least expensive. They are usually made either from nylon or polyester.

What weight of horse blanket do I need?

It is often asked by new riders whether a horse blanket should be thick or thin. The thicker the blanket, the more padding it will provide. A thick blanket is needed when you have a heavy horse that needs to be protected from cold weather and wind. It is also used for protection in wet weather. The thinner the blanket, the less padding it provides, but it allows for more movement.
For temperatures below 40°F a light to medium-weight blanket of approx. 150 to 250g weight is enough to keep your horse warm. Temperatures between 20° and 30°F will require a medium to heavyweight blanket. For temperatures below 20°F you will need a heavyweight or extra heavy blanket of approx. 300 to 400g weight.