Fancy Horse Show Names – Get Inspiration!

Last Updated on March 17, 2022

If you plan on competing, a great name is essential, so you will want to take a look at fancy horse show names, steering clear of barn titles. ‘Star’, ‘Dusty’, and ‘Bob’, just won’t do it in the show ring. Fancy names can have an elegant ring, or incorporate some fun.

Tips For Fancy Horse Show Names

Choosing fancy horse show names is sometimes extremely hard. You will want a unique name that stands out and one that people remember. Also, depending on the organization where you register your horse, you might have to come up with a name that no other registered horse has.

To help you come up with something totally unique, we’ve put together some tips for you here. First, take a look at your horse’s pedigree. If your horse has well-known horses in its family tree, you can give them a nod with the name.

For example, the famous showjumping stallion, Diamant de Semilly, has much successful progeny. Many of these progeny incorporate Diamant into the name. This lets others that your horse comes from this famous family.

Another way to make your name unique is to use a prefix or suffix that associates your horse with your barn. This can be anything from your barn initials, such as FFS, which stands for horses at Freestyling Farms, to de Muze, which represents horses bred at that European stud farm.

The type of discipline you compete in will also help you narrow down your horse’s show name. If you ride western, you have more room for a longer fun name. While in the hunter-jumper world, names have a more serious tone.

Show Names For Horses

If your horse is male or female can also help you narrow down your name list. You probably don’t want to call your male horse Cinderella. In some disciplines, it is popular to use the horse’s color to influence the name choice.

Female Horse Show Names



Diamond Princess

Queen of Grace

Dark Queen

Summer Breeze

Dream Angel


Male Horse Show Names


Boston Snow


Midnight Hour

Shining Night

Cloud Twist

Formal Affair


Show Horse Names

Another way to find inspiration for a fancy horse show name is to look at history. Greek or Viking gods can inspire strength, while a nod to your local history can add a personal touch. These types of names can give a more in-depth meaning to your choice.

good horse show names

Greek Inspired Horse Names

Penelope – Odysseus’ wife

Artemis – is the goddess of hunting, nature, and animals 

Persephone – is the daughter of Zeus

Calliope – is a muse from Greek poetry

Nyx – a short and classy Greek name that is the name of the goddess of night

Calypso – is the daughter of Atlas, that has seductive qualities

Alcyone – another daughter of Atlas

Alectrona – goddess of the sun and a daughter of Helios

Aeolus – god of air and wind

Caerus – god of luck, and good opportunities

Erebus – god of darkness

Viking Gods For Horse Names

Odin – the greatest of Norse gods

Balder – is a son of Odin and represents beauty, fairness, and kindness

Loki – is a god of mischief and causing trouble

Aesir – a realm of Norse gods

Heimdall – the god who protects Asgard

Indun – goddess of youth

Local History Inspired Horse Show Names

Revere’s Run






Whiskey Run


From these names, you can add components to make it more personal and unique. Here are some ideas using the suggestions above.

Lady Penelope

Penelope Star

Aesir Dream

Shakespeare’s Hidden Masterpiece

Little Waterloo

Diamond Nyx

Odin’s Shadow

Calliope Twist

Horse Ice Pack – Cooling Leg Wraps

Horse Show Names For Western Horses

With a western horse, you can have a little more fun with a show name. Here are some fun ideas.

Buckaroo’s Whisky Shot

Texan Red Bourbon

Whizz Kid

Cowgirl Princess

Sassa Frass Lady

Butch Cassidy

Gamblers Dream

Foxtrot Gambling Cowboy

Tequila Sunrise

Outlaw Gunslinger

One-Eyed Bandit

Smoky Rum

Nevada Bucking Bill

Cheyenne Bell

One Run Tumbleweed

Good Horse Show Names

Some of the best horse show names have a bit of cleverness, which also helps make them unique.

Walk-In My Shoes

Paint By Number

Daddy’s Money

Oops Don’t Peak

My Therapy

Smoothly Dun

Ate All The Cookies

Pippie Blonde Stocking

Harry Houdini

Flannel Socks

Marshmallow Fluff

Fancy Horse Show Names Based On Color

You can use the color of your horse to come up with a horse show name. Here are some that we like.

Daffodil Cloud

Sundance Kid

Sunshine And Buttercups

Sahara Sunset



Copper Spark


Peanut Butter


Hot Chocolate

Moring Latte

Toffee Crisp

Cloud Dancer

Silver Express

Artic Angel



Cinnamon Spice

This is a fun video that talks about horse names and the names of horses people have met in their life.

Show Names Using Places

Places names make great and memorable horse show names.


































Use A Foreign Language

For a bit of mystery and flair consider using a foreign language in your horse show name. French is especially popular and can create a beautiful name.

Bisou Bisou


Petite Noir


Fleur Rouge

La Vie En Rose

Mais Oui


Toi Et Moi


C’est La Vie

Je t’aime

L’ amour

Des Bonbons

Moi Aussi







Gran Dia

Sol Espumoso



One reason equestrians find choosing a fancy horse show name for their horse is that they want to have some personal meaning. This can lead to a lot of frustration. However, you don’t have to let it challenge you.

A good idea is to keep a list of any names you think of, or those that you hear and like. You can keep this curated list in a journal or on your phone. Every time something pops into your head, take note of it straight away.

Doing this makes name decisions more fun, even if you don’t have a horse yet. When it comes time to pick a fancy horse show name, you will have a great list to choose from. You can also always ask your friends for suggestions, who knows what they will come up with!

Do you have a favorite horse name? Let us know in the comments.

How do you come up with a horse show name?

To name a show horse, try to think of a name that is both different and easy to say. When naming a show horse, keep in mind that the name will be on the show record and on the horse’s entry tag and also on the horse’s official show record. It should not be too long, and it should be easy for people to pronounce and remember. It can be based on its parents’ names or other famous horses you like. You can also incorporate in the name any specific characteristic of your horse, either physical or behavioural. Do not use any abbreviations or acronyms.

What are powerful horse names?

For the powerful horse names you can find the inspiration in mythology, history and legend. It is said that horses have names that are symbolic of the person they represent, like Athena, Bellona, Apollo, Neptune, Bellerophon, Fortuna, Castor, Aesculapius, Nike, Heracles and Caesar. The list of powerful horse names includes horses that have been immortalized in history and mythology, as well as in popular culture.
One of the most powerful horse names ever chosen is Pegasus. This name was given to the winged horse of Greek mythology. 

Can I change my horses show name?

A horse’s name can be changed as long as certain criteria are met. If a horse is registered in the AQHA, his name can be changed if he hasn’t competed in an AQHA show or special event, and if a horse has not started in a recognized race. For the change of name AQHA requires receipt of an acceptable name choice, the original registration certificate and payment of the fee. A new registration certificate must also be issued.
When changing a horse’s name, it is important to have the name written on the original registration certificate, along with the current owner’s address and phone number. An official copy of the certificate is also required for the change. 
Horse names are chosen with reference to the breed and individual temperament. The name should be unique and not confusing to other horses. It can indicate gender, age, color, size, temperament or any other personal characteristic.

What is a famous horse name?

Some of the most famous horse names of all times are listed below.
Afleet Alex was 2005 Preakness winner, 2007 Belmont Stakes winner and 2008 Kentucky Derby winner. Afleet Alex is also a National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA) champion.
Clyde Van Dusen won Kentucky Derby in 1929. The 1929 Kentucky Derby was the 41st running of the Kentucky Derby. The race took place on May 13, 1929 and was contested at a distance of 1 mile (1.6 km). The race was held at Churchill Downs Race Course in Louisville, Kentucky. The winner was the four-year-old colt, Clyde Van Dusen, who was owned by James E. Phelon. His jockey was Johnny Longden.
Seattle Slew, 1977 Triple Crown winner, died in 1977 of a heart attack at age 23. His racing career was short-lived. He won his last race, the 1978 Santa Anita Handicap, two weeks before he died.