Horse Trailer Insurance Cost – Worth Every Cent

If you own a horse, having a way to transport it is a necessity, but it is a big investment, especially when adding in the horse trailer insurance cost. Luckily, the cost to insure a horse trailer is pretty reasonable. You just have to remember to read the specifics of the policy.

Is Horse Trailer Insurance Necessary

Getting specific horse trailer insurance is a good idea. While some car insurance provides cover for your trailer, this cover is not necessarily good enough. This cover might only cover you for liability but will not protect you from damage and contents.

When you take a close look at the total value of your horse trailer, any upgrades, your tack and equipment, and the value of the horses, it comes to a pretty big sum. Do you really only want a very restrictive cover that doesn’t protect this?

What Is Covered With The Horse Trailer Insurance Cost

Just like for your car, horse trailer insurance has various coverage. The main cover you get with your horse trailer insurance is damage that occurs to your trailer and its content if you are involved in an accident. It also covers fire, ‘act of God’, theft, and vandalism.

There are a few important elements that you want to ensure your coverage includes. The first is roadside assistance. If you break down or are involved in an accident, a horse trailer will require specialized towing service. You don’t want to get caught out with your horse trailer stuck hundreds of miles from home and no way to move it to repair service or home.

Another element to look out for is compensation cover for theft or damage. This comes in two forms replacement value or cash value. You will usually have to choose which one you want, and some providers will not offer replacement value on an older trailer.

Extra expenses cover is an option that helps you recoup costs incurred if you break down away from home. This often includes your own accommodation costs, horse boarding costs, and the rental of a trailer if you have to wait for your own trailer during repairs.

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Finally, an equipment cover is usually an additional option you can add to your cover. This will cover you for damage or loss to your tack and equipment if it is in the trailer at the time of the incident.

Horse Trailer Insurance Cost

  • The cost of your horse trailer insurance will depend on several factors relating to you personally. Here is a quick list of the factors that will affect your cost.
  • The model and make of your horse trailer
  • How large your trailer is and the number of horses that will travel in it
  • The value of any tack and equipment that will go in the trailer
  • The value of the horses that will travel in the trailer
  • Your personal driving history. Do you have previous claims? Any other driving record incidents
  • Why you are hauling? Is it just your personal horses, or do you carry other people’s horses as well?
  • Where you and the regions you will drive the trailer in
  • Where you keep your horse trailer when it is not in use
  • The deductible you choose

How Much Does Horse Trailer Insurance Cost

The average cost for horse trailer insurance is $350 dollars per year. However, you can expect the cost to go up in line with the value of the trailer, your tack, and your horses. 

Do some research about requirements in your state, as this can vary. At a minimum, make sure your cover includes the right state-mandated liability insurance. Another way to protect your horse when it is traveling is to purchase horse insurance.

How Much Does Horse Trailer Insurance Cost

Horse insurance covers things related to your horse, such as major veterinary bills. However, it can also provide cover for your horse if it is injured or dies in a trailer accident.

Keeping Your Horse Trailer Safe

In addition to specialized horse trailer insurance, you can protect your trailer in other ways. Whenever you leave your trailer unhitched and parked up, make sure to lock the hitch. Even if this is not completely foolproof, it is a definite deterrent to someone looking to hitch it up and drive away quickly.

Always take photos of your trailer’s registration, VIN number, the trailer itself, and insurance information. This will help you prove that the trailer is yours. Paint something distinctive on your trailer that makes it stand out.

If your trailer is damaged or stolen, don’t delay reporting it to the police and your horse trailer insurance companies. Always make sure your policy includes theft and vandalism, don’t choose a policy without it.

Keeping Your Horse Trailer Safe

If you cannot park your horse trailer in a garage or shed, consider getting a cover for it. This will help protect it from the elements, prolonging the life of its finish and parts. One great piece of advice we found is to not buy a specific horse trailer cover, but instead, buy one for an RV.

Horse trailer covers often don’t fit the trailer well. An RV cover is for a taller vehicle and will ensure even the lowest parts stay protected.

Insurance For Horse Trailer Conclusion

The takeaway here is to always get specialized horse trailer insurance. Your auto policy will not protect your investment, it will only cover damage you cause to someone else. Read your policy carefully before agreeing to it to make sure you get the coverage you want.

Always shop around. Don’t take the first quote you get. Try and find the best value for the coverage you need.

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